windows xp problems



I just bought a computer for school on ebay and it has win xp. for some
reason the dvd doesn't work neither does help and support although they used
to. I had someone help me and I think it's more messed , There's also an
Invalid boot.ini right before windows starts. Any help would be appreciated.
Feb 15, 2007
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Its Seems That Your Computer Has Multiple Could Be Virus Or Spyware On Sytem And Because Of Tht Your Getting Error At Startup..
Try Running Scan And Check For Any Infection.
.try Disabling Unwated Startup Items From Will Fix Startup Errors\\
For Dvd Try Deleting Upperfilter And Lowerfilter..and Reboot The System It Should Work..

Or I Would Suggest..if You Have No Data..reinstall The Operating Sytem..and Installed Good Antivirus Norton Or Mcafee .to Protect Ur Syste,,
And I Am Sure This Would Put End To All The Issue ..wish U Good Luck

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