Chkdsk "replacing invalid security id with default id" windows xp

Nov 8, 2019
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I'm using an old Acer laptop for school and the other day I wanted to try to defragment and it wouldn't let me. The next time i turned it on the screen went blue with the "replacing invalid security Id with default Id" running line after line after line. Now when I turn on the laptop, the taskbar is gone, the wireless network is gone, my files are still there but I can't copy, cut or paste them. I'm a poor student with no resources to to have this replaced so I'm hoping this can somehow be reversed. I tried to run system restore and it won't let me. Please help I'm falling behind in school and can't always get to the computer lab, thanks
Jan 4, 2003
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What Operating system are you using?

Try this to get taskbar back

Start/Search programs and files

If you can enter the above type 'cmd' in the box then a black box should appear on your desktop

It should look like this C:\Windows\*your name*>

Enter this into that black box;

chkdsk /f

It will tell you you disk is in use would you like to recheck after rebooting?

Select Y, then reboot

Then see how you get on. This is a simple way of checking there are others.

A list of commands is below. Be careful what you use. If unsure ask first


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Nov 1, 2018
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Something here might help:

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