windows xp hangs at startup after sp2 install



With sp2 installed, windows "hangs" at startup. The
desktop appears and then it takes two to three minutes for
the icons and the taskbar to appear. There is very little
hard drive activity during this time and there is no busy
(hour glass) icon; just the normal pointer.

Event Viewer reports the following:
Source "Service Control Manager"
"The Windows Image Aquisition Service (WIA)hung on startup"

I checked WIA and it is started.



Please try some basics ...

Clean Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and other temporary files:

Check for errors and defragment hard drive:

Clean Windows Startup and hidden Startup:

Spyware/Virus Removal and Prevention:
(Links to online virus scans on the same page)

.... then see this:

Good Luck!

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