Need help with hung servces on XP SP2




I am having problems with a Windows XP SP2 install that has the following
symptoms after startup:
1. The taskbar is of minimal height and cannot be resized (no start
menu visible and taskbar is only a few items wide)
2. Several automatic services are hung in the "Starting" state. They
a. COM+ Event System
b. Network Connections
c. Shell Hardware Detection
d. Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
3. In the services.msc (or any MSC for that matter) the
action->properties does nothing. I have tried secpol.msc, services.msc
4. The "Extended" tab in most .msc's is empty, but the Standard tab
shows items normally.
4. Network drivers fail to install
5. Several programs that used to work fine fail on startup. MSI
digicell.exe is one.

I really don't want to have to nuke this install and reinstall since I have
a large number of applications installed and it would be a huge time drain.

I have tried reinstalling COM+ (as per KB 315296), but installation and
registration (of es.dll) both fail with 0x80040206.

Please help!



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