Windows "Optional" Update


Crunchy Cat
Jun 1, 2006
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This applies to both XP and Vista.

I expect some of you will have noticed the "optional" Microsoft Update which is being offered with the usual Security Updates at the moment? Namely: "IdeaCom Technology Inc. - IdeaCom HID Touch Screen (PS/2)"

As it is "optional" I would imagine that most of us will ignore it, unless we have specific need of it. However, in Googling around, just to satisfy curiosity about it, I found that quite a lot of folk HAVE been installing it, mistakenly thinking that it was associated with "Fingerprint Reader" or assuming that because it is offered, they "need" it. What it actually did, was cause their PS/2 mice and pointing devices to fail.

So just giving a little heads-up really.


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