AMD Radeon RX 460 graphics card


Mar 25, 2003
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Tech Report have been testing out the AMD's Radeon RX 460 graphics card, which might be a good option for gamers looking to play next-generation titles on a limited budget.

All together, Polaris' underhood improvements and inherent smoothness come together to offer a quality gaming experience that used to cost a lot more than AMD's $109.99 suggested price. I say "used to" because Nvidia apparently saw this baby bruiser coming, so it cooked up an aggressive set of rebate offers for the GTX 950 in response. The Asus GTX 950 we got our hands on for testing goes for just $105 after rebate on Newegg right now, and TR readers pointed out GTX 950s going for as little as $99.99 after rebate this week. Rebates are risky things at the best of times, but we might take a gamble for such juicy deals.

With competitively-priced GTX 950s elbowing in on its turf, the RX 460's value proposition will depend on whether you play lots of DirectX 11 games now (like we imagine most people do) and you don't see anything appealing on the DX12 horizon. If that's the case, a cheap GTX 950 may be most appealing for its low frame times and quiet running. Those cards' 2GB of RAM is already starting to feel claustrophobic to us in a lot of titles, though, while the RX 460 is one of the few cards in its price class that offers a 4GB option.

Read the full review at Tech Report.

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