AMD Radeon HD 7790 Graphics Card


Mar 25, 2003
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There's a new graphics card in town - the AMD Radeon HD 7790. Reviews are hitting the net, and here's a select few:

Legit Reviews have taken a look at the offerings from Gigabyte and Sapphire:
"We were able to test the Gigabyte GV-7790OC-1GD ($149) and the Sapphire HD7790 Dual-X OC ($159) and found both to be stellar cards. The Sapphire Radeon HD 7790 Dual-X OC lead the performance benchmarks thanks to the higher memory speed it had, but when we overclocked the cards they both maxed out at 1200MHz core and 1600MHz. This means overclocked performance was identical. The Gigabyte card was shorter, costs less and was quieter when gaming. The Sapphire card looks better, performs better out of the box, is more power efficient and runs cooler when gaming. Both cards have strong areas, so it really depends on which depends the most to you!"

Read more at Legit Reviews

Tech Power Up have separately reviewed the ASUS and Sapphire cards, but here is a snippet from their their Crossfire review:
"The dual-card HD 7790 CrossFire setup costs $300, which means it competes with the HD 7950 Boost ($300) and GTX 670 ($360). To be honest, right now I'd rather have a slightly slower HD 7950 that works with more games, or cough up a bit more money to buy a GTX 670, which is definitely more trouble-free. At this time, I can't recommend buying two HD 7790s for CrossFire just to save a bit of money.

It does, on the other hand, present an incremental upgrade path for gamers on a budget. They can spend $150 on a single card now and on another later, once it has, perhaps, even become cheaper, but there are many factors to consider, such as AMD's ability to ship out CrossFire profiles as new games are released. A single Radeon HD 7790 lets you play games at 1080p resolution, but some cases may require you to dial down the eye-candy. The HD 7790 CrossFire doesn't quite let you play things at 2560 x 1600, but, rather, 1080p with cranked up eye-candy. But hey, if you can afford a 30 inch monitor, you probably can get a faster single card as well."

Read more at Tech Power Up

Hexus and Hardware Heaven have reviewed the 7790 card fron Sapphire:

"We believe the £120 Radeon HD 7790 GPU is a welcome introduction that plugs the rather large gap previously present between the HD 7770 GHz and HD 7850 GPUs. Pricing needs to gravitate closer to £100 before it becomes a clear winner in its class, mind. AMD perhaps knows this and is offering a BioShock Infinite sweetener as part of the package, redeemable when bought at selected retailers."

"Runs cool, quiet and offers excellent value. The Sapphire 7790 is an ideal card for gamers looking to play at 1920x1080 on a budget."
Hardware Heaven

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