Warning 1/14/2009 update disables PS/2 mouse -->IdeaCom Technology Inc. - Input - IdeaCom HID Touch



IdeaCom Technology Inc. - Input - IdeaCom HID Touch Screen (PS/2)

Installation date: ?1/?14/?2009 12:27 AM

Installation status: Successful

Update type: Optional

IdeaCom Technology Inc. Input software update released in December, 2008

More information:

Help and Support:

After installing this update and rebooting my logitech ps/2 mouse would not
work I did the usual removed mouse driver and reloaded. then looked to
see what the update was and seen it was ps/2 also so I uninstalled it.

Thought I would pass on a heads up.



First, use a USB mouse temporarily to navigate; In Windows Explorer, browse
your C:\Windows\inf directory for "oemxx.inf" files. The "xx" is a number
assigned by Windows- mine was oem11.inf.

Right-click it, click "Properties". Look at the "Created" date- it should be
the same as the Windows Update session that installed it. Look at the
"Modified" date- mine said Thursday, December 11, 2008 6:14:56am- the date
the driver was packaged.

Delete it or drag it to a folder where Windows won't look for it, like My

Open Device Manager, expand HID devices and delete the IdeaCom device.
Reboot. Done.

Bryan Kreitz

Alternatively, you can download and reinstall the latest driver for you
pointer device from your computer manufacturer's website.

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