Windows Messenger CONTINUALLY pops up "Display Name"



I don't use WM. I never have. I never will. I don't even want to enter a name
to display to anyone. I've lived 70 years without using it, and would be more
than content to never use it.
I suppose I could enter a user name just to shut it up, but then someone
might see that I was on-line in WM and try to communicate with me. I don't
want that.
How do I turn this thing off.....permanently? Currently, it pops up about
every 5 minutes if my computer is idle; if I click cancel, and let it be idle
again, it'll pop up again.

Jonathan Kay [MVP]


Just pop open the main Messenger window by double-clicking on its icon in the notification
area, or click Start, then Run, enter "msmsgs" and click OK. Then click the Tools menu,
click the Preferences tab, and uncheck 'Run Windows Messenger when Windows starts'. Click
OK, and then right-click the Messenger icon in the notification area and choose Exit (or just
kill the msmsgs.exe process).

Now if you really want it *gone* for good, you can actually uninstall it. To do that, click
Start, then Run, and paste in the following:
RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove
Then click OK.

Note that on your next visit to Windows Update, you'll probably see Windows Messenger as
recommended download, just select to hide that update if it bothers you there.

Jonathan Kay
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MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger
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Thanks for the information on how to uninstall Windows Messenger; however, I
(and a few dozen of my co-workers) actually use Windows Messenger 5x daily
and would very much like to know how to completely resolve this relatively
new "Display Name" pop up problem.

I have tried the solution provided in a previous post; updating profile
information at did not resolve
the problem for everyone in the company with this problem.

Please provide KB article-type information such as cause and resolution.



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