Windows Live Messenger and Remote Assistance



I am running Windows XP Pro (SP2) with Windows Messenger 4.7.3001. A friend
is also running Windows XP Pro (SP2) but download and installed Windows Live
Messenger v8.1xxx.

He has encountered some system difficulties (other than with WLM or WM) and
I was trying to connect with his PC using Remote Assistance. When connection
problems arose my research showed that WLM does not have Remote Assistance
capabilities. I have scanned this forum and came across a like article but
need clarification.

The suggestion was to download and install Windows Messenger 5.1. The
question I have is should WLM be uninstalled or can it co-exist with WM 5.1?
Does WM 5.1 have Remote Assistance capability? (I couldn't find any concrete
information about its ability)

On the other hand, should I be instructing my friend to download and install
WM 4.7?

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.



Thanks for the information Dave. After receiving your note I downloaded WLM
and went looking for the Remote Assistance feature.

In WM it was evident by easy access to the menu items. In WLM, it is buried
beneath a small down arrow on the extreme top of the displayed WLM window.

A day or so after posting the original note I had my friend install WM 5.1
and I did likewise. I was able to access his system and resolve the issues.

I have now advised my friend that he can reinstall WLM and all is well with
the world.

Since I will be shortly moving to Vista Ultimate, my research has also shown
that my Vista environment can still help him within his Win XP environment...
but not the reverse. That is, a Vista system cannot ask a Win XP system for

Thanks again,


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