Display Name popup seen at every start of Messenger



I have recently reinstalled Windows XP SP3 (and all other software) after a
hard disk change. Windows Messenger 4.7 was working fine for me before this.

Now whenever I start messenger I have to enter a display name. After I
enter a name I get logged on OK. I have been into the options and can change
the display name there temporarily. However at the next start it asks
again. I installed 5.1 even though I was happy with 4.7 before and the
problem persists.
So somehow it forgets the display name between each logon.

I have searched previous posts and seen this probblem come up before but
never a clear answer.


I had EXACTLY that roblem too and tonight I have just worked out the solution.

Log on to your LIVE account (https://accountservices.msn.com/editprof.srf)
with the login address you use and after logging in, edit your profile and
ensure that you at least have a first name and last name in your profile. (I
cheated and just added the 'nickname' (desired display name) in both fields).
I didnt have his, and once I added it I stopped the problem.

Lets see how you get on.


OK that helps, but now I see clearly what the underlying problem is and it
hasn't solved that. The chosen display name is forgotten over each restart.
That's the underlying problem. By default (without a display name) it starts
with the first name in your profile and if there is no first name in the
profile, that's when you get the really annoying request for a display name
at each startup. Now I've put a first name in the profile it always starts
with my first name rather than my chosen display name. One solution would
seem to be to change the profile so my first name field contains my display
name, but it seems Microsoft have messed up here


It is true that this 'action' seems deliberate by microsoft, and that in
their eyes they haven't messed up, but have deliberately enhanced their MS
Live services and functionality. The thing about microsoft they are not very
forward at coming forward and so I guess we will not know if this is a
mistake or genuinely deliberate by them.

I say that it seems deliberate because all of my PC, which all worked fine
by automatically logging in when connection to internet is achieved, all
started with this same problem. That tells me that the issue of 'forgetting'
the display name is not hat of the local PC, and more intended by he
messenger service network.

As I have found, and suggested in the profile setup, it is the FIRST name
that is publicly displayed and therefore the first name that appears on the
chat box. As you have seen, it is therefore recommended (by me :) ) to set
the first name as your nickname that you want displaying. For me, who wants
or needs you fullname in the profile anyway?! (Dont answer. Of course I know
SOMEONE will).

(I find it amusing that I came on searching for an answer myself for the
problem, just to workout the answer myself and post it to help others)


I already had both a first name and last name in my profile. I just resaved
my profile as-is, and the problem disappeared. Thanks for the tip.

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