Messenger Update


Alan L.

When attempting to sign on to WM I get a notice that a new
version is available and I must install to continue. I do
so and it appears to install. Then a pop up asks me to
install Windows XP Hotfix (kb887472). This does not seem
to install. I have cycled through this several times and
each time I attempt to sign in the cycle starts again.

Now whenever I log onto Outlook Express the new version
message pops up. I have tried to download from te latest
online versions and have unchecked any references to WM
auto sign on.

I I uninstall WM (can ony be done through the Registry) I
have no guarantee the message will no longer keep popping

Any and all help would be appreciated. THANKS.

Alan L.

I am replying to my own message to cancel.

After trying everything I could think of I remembered
the "System Restore" feature which took me back just four
days and required minimal adjustent for small changes over
the past four days.


As I noted in my reply to my own message, I went to System
Restore in Windows XP and found a restore point three days
prior to my activity with Messenger. This cleared the
problem. I almost believe that the nag box was a virus.

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