Windows Messenger lacks the facilities I had with MSN Messenger



I've just bought a new computer which had Windows Messenger (WM)
preinstalled. Because I had been used to MSN Messenger (MSN M) I tried to
download that - but unsuccessfully, so I've started using WM (thinking it
would be better than MSN M!) But I've found just the opposite: there were a
few things I could do with MSN M that I can't do with WM:-
1. When I activate WM it takes me straight into my main email address -
which I don't always want to use (I have more than one hotmail address).
2. WM doesn't give me the option of signing in but appearing "Offline" -
which MSN did.
3. With MSN M, as soon as I signed in I could see how many unread messages
were in my email Inbox - with WM I can't.
4. With MSN M I received an alert whenever a new email was delivered to my
Inbox - this doesn't happen with WM.

Am I doing something wrong?

Also, I'm now totally confused as to the difference between MSN M, WM,
Windows.NET Service and Windows Live Messenger! Can anyone help please?


am a newbie/novice at this stuff, but i guez you will understand what i am
trying to explain - WM, is not the same as MSN MESSENGER and WINDOWS LIVE is
the latest of MSN, but all goint tru .NET PASSPORT. i have WM, IM YAHOO, MSN
MESSENGER on me PC, all opened and running at the same time, and have no
problems - fer me being a newbie/novice at this, thats surprising. There are
some difference though, but i am sure that there are settings that you can
tweak to get the most of WM. I do get to see who is online in WM and mates of
mine on MSN can and do contact me on WM tru MSN without probs,and when
someone new comes on, i just add that to me new contact list. Just giving you
me five cents share mate - and i could be wrong, which is accepted - i
learning as well, being a newbie/novice


Thanks mate.

I didn't realize you could have WM and MSN M both on your computer, so maybe
I'll try and download MSN M and see how I go. Not sure what you mean by IM
though - Instant Messenger, I guess - but what's that?

Thanks again for your help.


Sorry for the unclarity - yes IM is Yahoo IM Messenger - that the prob of me
being a newbie/novice. Sometimes, i do run WINDOWS MESSENGER, IM MESSENGER
and SKYPE all at the same time, and never experienced any probs mate - guez i
am lucky. Anyways go try, am sure you do know alot more than i do anyways,
and yes i sure would like to know your experiences on this - for me learning

you could if you want - get me on IM MESSENGER : roajames/ WM : James Roa/
SKYPE : James Roa, if you want to chat/talk. My time zone is +8hours GMT or
note that i am in the Philippines.

Wishing you good connections mate
James Roa

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