Windows Messenger 5.1 and 5.0 problem



We just deployed (Live Communication Server) LCS on our network, and we want
several users to access the .NET Service and of course the SIP service. We
installed Windows Messenger 5.1 and everything worked fine. But we have the
problem that when users are connecting to the .NET Service, it keeps signing
them out. Maybe a couple of time each half an hour. I installed the server
outside the company and WM 5.1 worked fine. I also turned off the LCS Server
inside the network but it didn't wored either. We were using MSN Messenger
with no problem at all. Does anyone here had this problem before? It's really

It's not the client because it work outside the company
It's not LCS because we shut it down for testing and the problem persisted.
It's not the routers or firewalls because WM 5.1 actually signs in, and the
MSN Messenger worked perfectly.
It's not the version, because i even tried using WM 5.0, and we also have
the problem.

I discovered that in my case, when i left the WM windows for lets say, 10
minutes and then try to write something, it signs me out. So the window get
like gray. And i have to sign in again.

I would really appreciate any help.


I have the same problem except is only seems to be happening on window 2000
computers. I am using an XP Prof pc and havent had signing in or signing out
problems of the .net network.

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