Windows Installer error



Another problem with XP home PC.

PC boots to login screen OK, but after login, windows installer always pops
up and runs.

Have disabled the service, rebooted and set service to manual stert with no
Am having problems installing software, because of errors with windows
installer service so tried to re-install windows installer, but I then get an
error about the Cryptographic service not running and not being able to check
inf file integrity.

Any suggestions?



Already downloaded that , but when the installer pops up it does not tell me
what it is trying yo install. So not sure what to remove in clean up utility.

Just noticed it doesnot pop up in safe-mode, so might try and disable
startup progs first and see what happens.


Andrew E.

Try going to run,type: msiexec /unregister Return to run,type:
msiexec /regserver Now reset installer service in msc

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