Windows Installer 3.1 Problems



I just installed Office 2003 Professional Edition it works okay for me (as
owner) but when the second user or a guest try to use Office (I see now, it
is happening to other non-Office programs as well), Windows Installer tries
to install the program again. It does it every time. I tried updating the
Windows Installer 3.1 V2, I removed Offie 2003 and reinstalled it. I still
have the same problem.

There is no problem with any programs for myself but anyone else that signs
on has to go through the install process. It has not yet installed more than
one copy of Office but it does go through the install process.

Does anyone know what I can do to correct this problem?



I fixed the problem by going to "USER Accounts" and gave "Administrative
Rights" to the second user. Everything then started working as it should. I
then went back and changed the second user back to a "Limited Account" and
everything still works as it should.


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