Problem downloading Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1



Hi, Can any one help?

I keep trying to install Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 via my automatic
updates and it keeps failing with this error code.

Installation Failure
Error Code: 0x80070005

I Googled some sites for solutions and have tried so solve the problem by
renaming the msi.dll, msihnd.dll and the msiecex.exe files to .old, then
trying to download the installer again. This has not worked. I still get the
same error. It just recreates the same .dll files again.

The file version on my computer is 3.0.3790.2180 which suggests I’m running
Microsoft Windows Installer 3.0.

I've also checked this link:

It suggests that if you are running Windows XP Service pack 2 (SP2) which I
am, it already has Windows Installer 3.0 software added and because of file
protection, won't allow it to be replaced.

If this is the case, will i still get all the important updates from
Microsoft with MSI 3.0? Do I actually need to download MSI 3.1? If so, do I
have to uninstall (MSI 3.0) before I can install (MSI 3.1) and how do I go
about this. I can’t find it in Add/Remove Programs.
Any answers to my questions greatly appreciated.


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