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The organization of Vista on my notebook is taking much longer than expected,
what with taking ownership of my own computer and all that stuff, just so
that I can clean up and install some additional software. Could someone
please help me with the following simple problem before I go round the twist:

Why doesn't the overall view of Windows Explorer show neither the default
nor the last status when I open it, neither in the same session nor after a
The following points may help:

- W/E always opens in a small window, although I always close it in a large
- W/E always opens with the active position on sub-folder
C:\Windows\System32, showing all the sub-sub-folders, which I may have
visited some days ago, even though I am now closing W/E in an entirely
different position.
- Under Folder Options I have tried "Restore previous folder windows at
logon" checked and unchecked, but it doesn't make any difference.
- I have applied the same file details to all folders and this function
works perfectly.

What should I do to make W/E open in a large window with the default layout,
or better still as I left it?

Thanks in advance for telling me what I have overlooked.


No reply required, have found the answer in another posting - change the
properties of Windows Explorer.

Just a comment: it's nice to have all these options in how Windows Explorer
is launched, file ownership, security, etc., but MS should spend more time
studying the defaults so that the PC remains a labor saving device -
otherwise it will get competition from simpler products.

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