Windows Explorer - Folder view


Bob Lucas

Windows XP Professional Version 2002, (SP3)

I use following shortcut from my desktop - "%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe
C:\" (run Maximized).

Every time Windows Explorer opens, the window always displays a panel
(on the left hand side) with "System Tasks", "File & Folder Tasks",
"Other Places" and "Details". Consequently, I need to click on the
Folders icon, to display the folder structure.

I want the Windows Explorer window to open directly from the desktop
shortcut with the Folder List on the left hand side - not the
Descriptions panel (as with previous Windows versions).

I have tried changing various options via Tools | Folder Options |
View - without success. Is there any easy way to change the default
setting by editing the shortcut or the registry?

Bob Lucas

Many thanks to Paul & Mark for two perfect (and slightly different)
solutions to my problem.

Just to complete my education, I should be most grateful if you could
explain the significance of the "/n," and "/e," switches.

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