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William R. Walsh

Hello all...

I'd like to know if there is a way to reduce to default size of Explorer
windows within Windows XP. (I'm not talking of the window that comes up when
you run Windows Explorer, but rather the window that would appear when you
open a folder or something like My Computer from the Desktop/Start Menu
shortcut. So that may mean I'm using the wrong terminology, but I cannot
think of a better way to describe them.)

Any folder that I've opened and resized in the past will remember its
settings, so those aren't a problem. However, some Explorer windows seem to
be exempt from remembering their sizes. Folders I've never opened before
also come up rather large by default. In particular, the windows
representing .ZIP files (or Compressed Folders if you prefer) or the window
representing the contents of the disc in the optical drive do not remember
their sizes and are always too large.

I've tried the "make all folders look the same" option in Folder Properties,
but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the window size.

Can anything be done about this? I'd like to make the default Explorer
window size smaller somehow.


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