Default Folder Sizing


John Bailo

I'm trying to figure out the logic for default windows sizing in Windows.

If I click on IE, and resize it, then when I reopen it, it will size to
the previous size.

If I do a New window, it will size the new browser to the size of the

If I open My Computer and resize, then close, then open, it will open to
the previous size.

However, if I create an FTP shortcut in IE, send it to my desktop, open
the shortcut, resize or maximize the window, and then reopen -- it will
revert to the original size, which is based on the size of IE when it
was first created.

(1) Is this behavior unique to me?

(2) What stores the previous sizes of Windows? An ini file?...A
registry setting?...something else?

(3) Can I affect the sizing of the FTP folder favorite window somehow?

You probaby have the I.E. window set to Maximize, which is not retaining your size
settings. I.E. windows, like Outlook Express message windows, do not follow the usual
window sizing pattern. With those two applications, and the window set as Normal, drag
the edges to the desired size then close the window and application. All successive
windows will now open that size. With those two programs DO NOT use the Maximize button
for windows.

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