Windows Defender Error: 0x8050800c



After I do a full scan, I keep receiving the following error:

Windows Defender encountered an error: 0x8050800c. An unexpected problem
occurred. Install any available updates, and then try to start the program
again. (To check for updates, click Start, click All Programs, and then click
Windows Update).

I've done everything required, including updating my system, reinstalling
Defender and restarting my system, but I keep getting this same error?

I'm using Win Home XP.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Thank you...



Hello Wayne,

Have a look at this article. It may be relevant to your problem.
Subject: Explanation of error 0x8050800c using engine build 1.1.1186.0
2/27/2006 3:48 PM PST
By: Mike Treit [Msft]

Right-click My Computer, and choose Manage. Click on Disk Manager. In the
right pane, is the partition type for the drive that contains the C: volume
"basic" or "dynamic"?

If it is dynamic, this error is a known bug, which is scheduled to be fixed
in a future update which will come in automatically as other updates do.

If it is a basic partition, other users with this error have found that
running a chkdsk scan on the partition has eliminated this error.


Bill Sanderson MVP

Please drop a note to Mike Treit, of Microsoft:

mtreit @
(remove the spaces)
You can just send a copy of what you posted here--he may want to collect
more data about the conditions that are causing this error on your machine.

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