windows 2000 fast playback!!! HELP!!!



Computer: Compaq preserio deskpro
OS: Windows 2000
AC'97 Sound Card

A few weeks ago I had to reformat my hard drive and
reinstall everything. Now whenever I try to listen to a
CD on my computer or listen to the radio over the net the
playback is really fast. It sounds like the chipmunks
singing! It never did this before I reinstalled
everything. I tried adjusting the audio playback settings
in the advanced audio properties. However no matter what I
adjusted the speed of the playback was still way too
fast. I downloaded updated drivers as well but this still
hasn't fixed the problem. I looked on the MS help pages to
see if anyone else came across this problem. However it
seems that the people who had the same problem just
adjusted the playback properties and then everything was
working. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I
could do to solve this problem? I'd really appreciate it
if you could email me and give me some advice!!! Thank


Bob I

Make sure you have the correct soundcard drivers and then reinstall the
drivers for the sound card.

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