Window keeps popping up while playing game



While playing a downloaded game (Tile Quest) a window keeps popping up in the
center of the screen with this message:
"For Best Picture Quality Change Resolution to 1280x1024"
1. Clear Message
2. Disable Message
This message stays for a few seconds, goes away for a few seconds and does
this for the entire time you play the game. My resolution is already set at
1280x1024! When you press #2 on the keyboard to disable the message nothing
Except for that, the game itself plays fine.
How do I keep this message from popping up all the time?

Dustin Harper

There may be an ingame setting to change the resolution. It may be that your
desktop is set to 1280*1024, but the game is not.

Another possibility is that your monitor itself is throwing up the message,
which may be why you cannot disable the message with the keyboard.

Ian Powell

I got this on my monitor its a setting on the monitor i got a yusmart
monitor and i got a setting called resolution notice i have disabled this
and message does not pop up any more....

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