Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition for the Oculus Quest


Feb 23, 2002
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I've had an Oculus Quest for a few months now, but I've not played many good multiplayer games on it. Rec Room (free) is fun to pass the time, but I've been on the hunt for something I can play with my mate for some time.

There's a game called Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition which is just like an arcade shooter, but co-op. It's one of the most comfortable and fun games I've played yet, well worth it for a tenner!

The co-op mode has a selection of 4 maps, where you have a pistol with unlimited ammo to shoot increasingly difficult hordes of zombies. It's a familiar game style. Occasionally a zombie will drop an improved weapon so that you can dual wield or swap out the pistol (although these guns have limited ammo).

If you've got an Oculus Rift or Quest, I highly recommend this game for co-op fun! :D

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