FWT Newsletter - Weekly - October 11, 2004



"FWT Newsletter - Weekly" - October 11, 2004

In this e-mail we provide you with the lastest freeware added to
Freeware World Team - http://www.all4you.dk/FreewareWorld/ - in the
last 7 days. Enjoy all of the gratis programs!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* PrintKey

Wow. This is quite a program, however there were no documentation files or
help files. No problem. The program is very easy to use; just do what you
think you should do.

This program will grab whatever the screen is showing and print it, or
save it to a file.

I've never seen a capture progra [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

MidiClock is a simple MIDI clock source for synchronizing MIDI
applications. It provides a virtual endpoint for easy integration with
your favorite MIDI app. It can also simultaneously transmit MIDI clock
signals to additional MIDI endpoints. Works beautifully with Propellerhead
Software's Reason an [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* 123Tag

123Tag is an easy-to-use MP3 Tag editor and file renamer, simple to use to
manage the information stored into MP3 files (ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tags).

File names can be changed automatically using the tag information or
otherwise it can extract tag information from the file name. It can also
be used t [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* 3D Sound Tester

To have some fun while finding out what real 3D audio is all about of
course! [ And then maybe tweak your system a bit... but fun first~! ]

The 3D Sound Tester is wav file player that lets you pan sound around you
with your mouse. Move the sound location node, and you'll feel the
distance and dir [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Account Manager PE

Account Manager is a Sales and Contact Management solution which includes
all the Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management
(CRM) functionality needed from first contact to final contract.
Account Manager embodies a complete sales management methodology based
upon identifyin [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* alBrowser

A simple image viewer for jpg, gif, bmp, wmf, ico formats.
Supports multiwindow interface (Windows_9x).
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* alColor

Color manipulation device for WEB designers and VB developers.
RGB and HSV formats (Windows_9x).
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* alComponents

ActiveX Controls for VB applications:
- alIndicator
- alSwitch
- alReg
- alLed

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* alOCX_reg

For installation and registration of ActiveX controls and DLL's it is
convenient to use the program "alOCX_Reg"

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

An interesting little program that speaks Russian at you. This program is
designed to help those people who don't have a very good grasp of Russian
and are trying to learn the language. Leonid's Online School will say a
word in Russian, and then you have to click on the correct word on the
screen. I [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* alTermometer

This program is an ActiveX Control - Thermometer for VB applications.
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* alWin_AMP

Audio CD creation with image viewer.
Supports autorun.
Plays music from Your audio CD and shows Your slides.
Unzip to any directory, copy Your *.mp3 and *.wav files to "Songs"
directory and *.jpg files to "Images" directory.
Then copy the contents of whole directory to CD.
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Annihilator

Welcome to the Annihilator 0.5 beta home page. I wrote the Annihilator
program mainly for educational reasons. It was written in order to gain
experience with COM in C++, Microsoft Explorer shell extensions, and low
level file processing.
Annihilator adds a right-click menu item to the recycle b [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* AntiBOT

AntiBOT! - do you want to protect your email from spambots ?
Don't place it as a simple mailto link - they'll found it and will send
you a lot of spam.
Use this utility, it's simple as ABC !
1) Enter your email
2) Press "Encrypt !" button
3) Paste protected email into your webpage. That's all [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* ArezMedia

ArezMedia is a media player for Windows XP©, and is programmed under
VB.NET, features of the program

.wav .snd .au .aif .mpg .mpeg .m1v .mp2 .mpa .mp3 .mp2 .mid .rmi .midi
.asf .wm .wma .wmv .avi .cda .asx .wax .pls .m3u .wpl .wxz .vob .aiff.
ArezMedia can edit ID3 tags, ArezMedia ID3 tag edi [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Ass I/O

ASS I/O is a programmers utility to pack multiple files into one file
(similar to .ZIP, only with less overhead and no compression).
ASS I/O consists of two parts. The first part, packass.exe, creates an
.ASS file from multiple source files. The other part, assio.c, is linked
with your application [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* AviTricks Video Editor Classic

AviTricks is a non-linear, non-destructive AVI video editor with real-time
preview. The tree-structure and sub-project approach allow for an
unlimited combination of filters and overlays, while rubber-band timeline
adjustment gives a smooth blending of video and audio properties to
produce a profess [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* a² Free

a² is a complementary product to antivirus software. It provides specialist
protection against harmful software. Antivirus software is not enough! a²
provides protection against Trojans, Dialers and Spyware. a² fills the
gaps that malware writers exploit.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

BASS is an audio library for use in Windows software. It's purpose is to
provide developers with the most powerful and efficient (yet easy to use),
sample, stream (MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, custom generated, WMA & CD via
the add-ons), MOD music (XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX), MO3 music (MP3/OGG
compres [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

OS: Win9x/ME/Win2k/XP
This is a add-on for the BASS Sound System, with this library you can add
DSP Effects like an Equalizer, IIR LowPass, Resonant, Flanger, Echo and
rotate to your applications using the BASS Sound System. There is also a
Visual Basic example included in the package which shows h [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

OS: Win9x/ME/Win2k/XP
This is also a add-on for the BASS Sound System, this library allows the
use of Winamp visual plugins in your applications, Visual Basic and C++
API's are provided, there are also included a Visual Basic example project
and some Winamp plugins in the package.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Belgian Postal Codes

Post is a small handy program to search for the postal code of all the
Belgian cities and their districts.
Cities are displayed in uppercase, districts in proper case.
When typing a name, the list of all cities and districts starting with the
already typed letters is displayed. When more letters a [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Braxio FreeZIP

Free Zip! is a Windows Zip Compression Utility that allows you to easily
create and extract zip files.
- Add and extract files from a Zip archive
- Create Zip archives
- Delete and extract selected files from a Zip
- Supports multiple disk spanning
- Supports drag-and-drop
- E [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Braxio MP3 Tag Xpress

The MP3 Tag X-Press is one of the easiest MP3 Taggers to use on the
Internet. This FREE application is fully compliant with the ID3v1 tagging
standards for MP3 files.
- Easily create ID3 tags for your MP3 files
- Automatically rename MP3 files based upon the ID3 Tag
- Easy to navigat [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Camouflage

Camouflage allows you to hide files by scrambling them and then attaching
them to the file of your choice. This camouflaged file then looks and
behaves like a normal file, and can be stored, used or emailed without
attracting attention.
For example, you could create a picture file that looks and be [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* CatView 2000

Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000
CatView is designed to search text files that consist of line-delimited
information. The user enters up to three keywords and CatView returns a
list of all lines in the file that contain those keywords. CatView is
therefore perfect for searching catalog files - h [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* CD-Tray Ejector

This tool throws out your CD tray. You can create a link for it and assign
a keyboard shortcut to it. Or one could include it in a batch file, start
it just for the hell of it, etc.
Needs DOS 7.0, that means Win95/98/ME.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Cheeze Machine

This vst plugin emulates the classic string ensemble sound, made popular by
such classic synths as the Crumar Performer or the Arp Solina.

Cheeze Machine generates sound by feeding a simple, saw-like waveform,
into a chorus ensemble emulator, a 6-stages phaser, and a reverb.

This vst plugin [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Chess games

Chess games in electronic form (usually downloaded from Internet sites) are
written in algebraic notation and in accordance with the PGN Standards
(Pgn=Portable Game Notation). The chess games are thus given in files with
the extension pgn, e.g. kasparov.pgn (all chess games of Kasparov). Chess
Play [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* ClickOff

Automatically clicks button on error messages that come up all the time.
Intuitive user interface.
Closes browser popups
Minimizes or maximizes windows
Single buttons can be diabled temporarily
False clicks are avoided by taking the message text into the proccess of
To close w [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Clipping Around

Clipping Around is a SysTray administartive tool with which you can control
all your text notes copied in the clipboard.
- With Clipping Around everything pasted from your clipboard can be
controled as you desire:
You can add it in a Notes Datafile with a mention of the date and the
exact time t [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Code Library for .NET

The CodeLib is an application that helps you to easily find and use the
code snippets. As a result, you can build a programs faster.
For Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Colour Picker

A very basic HTML colour picker thing.
Pick a colour from any point on your screen, select one using sliders or
pick one from a palette.
Saves favourite custom colours between sessions.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Constructioner LE

Constructioner provides within the free Light Edition (Freeware) a ready to
go administration tool for web site development within a powerful WYSIWYG
Content Management Software System, pull-down menu navigation, backoffice
with meta tag administration and a special Layout Creator, to realize
indivi [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

We saw a trend in the software to produce boring and hard to use software,
so we made CrAzY cLoWN ARJ.
This program was made because of the hard to use interface of the original
dos arj extractor, in addition to the bad UI of the windows version.
CrAzY cLoWN ARJ provides a simple, but powerful int [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* CribSol

CribSol - Cribbage Solitaire by uuba.com
Play by building four cribbage hands one row at a time until four hands of
four cards have been built. Then the crib hand and the "cut" card are
shown and the score is tallied. You win the CribSol by breaking 180 points
over 5 rounds.
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Davina's GGS Timer

Davina's GGS Timer automatically tracks the time between GGS gains in
Ultima Online.
First you need to setup a profile for each character telling Davina's GGS
Timer which skills you wish to monitor for gains. After you have set that
up, it works automatically in the background and notices when you [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Dead Files Finder

Dead Files Finder application can search in all files of a specified
directory and it's subdirectories and list all the files containing the
filenames of the files from another directory. Then it will seperate those
that are not containing and allow you to delete, move or rename them.
This can hel [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* DeskPad

You sit at your PC all day, yet you still post sticky yellow notes all over
the screen to remind you of important appointments etc. It's messy,
expensive, old-fashioned, and you can't back up your notes unless you
photocopy them. Sure, programs that put electronic sticky yellow notes on
your screen [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Desktop Buddies

Desktop Buddies are a fun way to enhance your desktop with your favorite
cartoons. Each desktop buddy features over 5 characters per desktop


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* DesktopGeek (Lite)

DesktopGeek (Lite) is desktop program shortcut manager for windows based
personal computers.
It can manage and run easily and quickly program shortcuts on the desktop
It allows you to define each program shortcut under specific category and
then run the program with single click. For examp [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* DialUp Counter

online counter for Windows 9x/2000/NT/Me/XP.
DialUp counter automaticly detects your Internet connection and calculates
time and money spent online i.e on the Internet, so you can always knew
how long you have been online and how much you must pay for that to your
Internet provider each month.
Pro [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* DigiBookShelf 2005 Freeware

DigiBookShelf makes it very "easy" and "entertaining" to quickly import,
organize, enhance and preserve digital photos, audios and videos! Take
control of your digital media and have fun keeping your memories alive in
various ways for years to come!
- Create New Album
- Get images [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* DigiMode Browser

Set Multiple Home pages that No spy ware can change, browse the web with
all Internet Explorer features including Right Mouse Button Menu.
Automatic installation of flash player 7 at first use. Plays Audio, Video,
and View Images in full screen mode. Much more..
The same as above but this is Smalle [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* DigiMode FlashAll

Search a drive or a directory on your computer for SWF files and in few
seconds the files will be displayed in a list, assing a file for each of
the 26 assinable starting pages and you have avirtual flash game machine,
to switch from one game to another simply click on another number.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* DigiMode Maya Audio

Mp3 and Audio Player that downloads in minutes.
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* DigiMode MS PacMan

The Original Ms PacMan You player in Arcades just about 15 years Ago.
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* DigiMode Ream MS

Play DigiMode MS PacMan while you listen musics.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Digital Mp3 Studio

This is not just another Mp3
Player, but a complete studio
that allows you to Play Mp3,
Create Mp3 CDs, Decode,
Studio Mix with 24 Band
Equalizer, Playlist Creator,
ID3 Tag Editor, Skin Support
and much more.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* DMF Flash ActiveX Control

quick download and quick install or uninstall of Macromedia Flash on your

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Dual Delay

Stereo dual delay with lowpass resonant filter
Another incredible free plugin, maybe the ultimate stereo delay out there.
Powerful and easy to use, its main features are:

2 independant left/right delays with delay and feedback controls
Lowpass (-24 dB/Oct) resonant filter
Delay times can be [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Easy 1 Click Submission

Easy 1 Click Submission, also known as "E1CS", allows the software
developers to have more time when submitting their freeware to

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Easy File Backup

Easy File Backup is an easy to use file and folder backup utility. This
simple freeware file backup software program will allow you to back up
your data at a specified interval, and/or on a routinely basis. Easy File
Backup is a simple data backup application that runs unobtrusively while
being mini [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Elan's Lag Monitor

Elan's Lag Monior monitors your current connection to an Ultima Online
shard of your choice. It will always provide visual feedback from it's
icon in the Notification Icon tray. It will alert you if you are starting
to experience packet loss to the chosen server.
- Automatically pings [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Fantamaz

Fantamaz is a newest model of the Fantomizer MP3-players. It is powerful
dual stream audio engine with DSP for PC, supplied with high-quality sound
system or headphones.
Effects generation allows you to combine the possibilities of listener and
sound creator. Any sound track can be transformed into [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is a FREE image browser, viewer and editor that
supports all major graphic formats including BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF,
PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO and TGA. It is easy to use for everyone from
beginner to professional level, powerful and flexible enough to meet your
needs, even y [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* File Camouflager

OS: Win9x/ME/Win2k/XP
File Camouflager can camouflage files behind jpeg (.jpg) files, you can
add any kind of file to a jpg with this program. Once you added a file to
a jpeg file, the picture contained in the jpeg file will still be
viewable, even with embedded files! This program can merge files [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* File Lister

This is a quick program that I wrote one day that I feel fills a rather odd
void in Windows. You pick a directory, double click on it, and it lists
all the files in that directory into a text box, so you can copy them.
Great for creating all those song lists of your MP3's.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

FIVE is a powerful and simple application running on W95, W98, ME, NT, W2K
and XP that enables users to:

- encrypt/decrypt selected files;

- check whether selected files have been tampered with;

- to save the file list of a selected disk and use it as a
reference in [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Free Georgian True Type Fonts

Free Georgian True Type Fonts: 1.Aladini; 2.Amirani; 3.Arachveulebrivi
Thin; 4.Avaza; 5.Avaza Mtavruli; 6.Babuka; 7.Babuka Mtavruli; 8.Beka;
9.Barnaba; 10.Bondo; 11.Bolnisi; 12.Bolnisi Mtavruli; 13.Brush Script
Georgian; 14.Calligraphy; 15.Constitution; 16.Daviti; 17.Eka; 18.EkaHor;
19.Elguja; 20.Fi [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* FreeLock

Freelock alters the layout of a CD image prior to recording, making the
resulting copy 'virtually' impossible to duplicate. This prevents most
people making copies of your copies.
Freelock runs from a deliberately damaged floppy disk. This damage is all
pa [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Friendly Clock

Friendly Clock displays current time on the screen of your computer.

Half-transparency effect for mouse clicks and display of time;
Doesn't prevent usual work;
You overlook it, and at the same time it is always at hand, when


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Fun downloads

Here are some nice little programs you may download to fool someone by
placing it in their Startup directory!
- Fatal error: Remove hard drive to continue
- Fatal error: Mouse not working, click OK to resume
- Fatal error: No modem driver found....
- Fatal error: Windows crashed, star [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* G DATA Virus Remover

OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP
Detects and removes many worms, trojans and backdoors: Mydoom, Beagle,
Netsky, Sasser, Blaster (Lovesan), Zafi, Mabutu, Startpage, Sobig, Tanatos
(Bugbear), Plexus (Explet), Welchia (Nachi), Vesser, Doomhunter, Dedler,
Opasoft (Opaserv), Bobax, Suri [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Galleon NetRestore

Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
This small piece of software allows you to leave your computer connected
to the Internet without the worry that your ISP will 'chuck' you, stopping
any downloads. NetRestore re-establishes a dial-up connection whenever it
is lost, and also comes with t [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* GamesBasic

GamesBasic is a computer programming language, used to create graphical
applications. These applications can be games, demos, education software,
etc. and are limited only to your imagination. The secret to GamesBasic's
success is the ability to take powerful, yet easy control of your PC's
hardware [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* GamesTer

PSX PlayStation CD territorry switch for CDRWIN/DAO/NERO
Gamester (short for Games Territory) alters the CD image prior to
making the resulting copy appear to be from the territory of your choice.
The main use of this is to allow use of CDs on consoles (such as the
where the co [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Gav's CompLogger

CompLogger is program that logs two different uses of your computer. When
installed to run on start-up, the user only has to click either of the two
buttons and it automatically minimizes out of your way and runs on the
task bar. CompLogger can be re-opened at anytime by maximizing it from the
task [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Gav's Digital Bubble-Wrap

Know how addictive bubble-wrap is ?
Here's Gav's computerized answer ...
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Gav's Winamp Skins

Here is where you will find any decent skins I have made for Winamp v2.x
I only have two completed skins for you to download at the moment
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* GazNET Anti-Spam Protection File

Welcome to the GazNET Anti-Spam Protection File download page. From this
page, you will be able to download the file along with instructions on how
to use it correctly. The GazNET Anti-Spam Protection File can be used with
the following programs (if you know of any more, please contact me):
- MailW [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* gbChat

Chat rooms for 20 different languages, distributed with gbCodeLib.
Available as stand-alone application.
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* gbRegistry

gbRegistry displays all of the VB programs found in the registry. The
registry key values can also be edited, deleted, printed and saved to a
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* gbReplace

gbReplace is a multi-function utilty. It provides text and image viewing,
hex viewing of all file types, and viewing of ASCII content of binary
It provides search and replace for text files, simple text file editing,
and upper/lower case file renaming. It also provides special functions for

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* gbStreet

gbStreet is a fun and educational freeware game of trading stocks to
achieve financial success. Use it for just the fun of building your own
fortune, or use it to learn or teach the fundamentals of stock trading.
gbStreet allows the user to track five different "stocks", buying and
selling stock to [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Geiss II

Geiss 2 is a Winamp audio-visualization plug-in that lets you fly through
the sound waves of the music you're listening to.
Geiss 2 is a sequel to the original winamp plug-in, Geiss, developed in
1998 and 1999. Now it's back, with higher resolutions, smooth blends, full
multimon support, new moveme [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Genealogy Finder

Genealogy Finder is an application that contains more than 750 quality
Genealogy links, divided into 27 easy categories. It is the result of
hundreds of research hours to locate the most valuable Genealogy sites on
the Net. Regardless if you are a seasoned veteran or a Genealogy newbie,
Genfinder [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* GUSemu32

for Win95/98/ME and Win2000/XP
From 1993 up to the end of the 90s the Gravis Ultrasound aka GUS was one
of the most popular soundcards among programmers and musicians. Many
demos, intros, games, trackers and players support it, a large amount of
them is written primary or only for the GUS.
However [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* HardDisk-Power-Down Tool

Many (E)IDE harddisks and CD-ROMs support spinning down their motor if it
is not used. However, only spin-down after some time of being unused is
supported both by the BIOS and Windows. If the timeout is set too short
the drive will start and stop much too often, if it is too long, it is not
useful [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Headlines MDI

Headlines MDI lets you view and save file and web page content. Content is
displayed using a ListBox and supports CSV, character-delimited, and GRML

The ListBox view displays the first item of a result with a thumbnail

The view has mouse-over support. Use the delete key to re [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Hexaline

Ambient chorus / enhancer / stereo expander
This incredible free plugin has a unique feature: it can immediatly add
warmth and complexity to the simplest sounds. With extreme settings, this
effect can also generate special ambiences and bizarre sounds. Hexaline
main features are:

3 st [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* HP MOPy Fish

HP MOPy Fish is a screen saver that turns your desktop into an aquarium
where a beautiful pet fish lives, feeds, plays, and sulks.
The full scientific name of the MOPy fish is Piscenus Mopei Floataneus. It
is a strikingly beautiful species that thrives on interaction. It is
characterized by its che [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* HTML Builder

HTML Builder 1.1 is a Microsoft Windows based HTML editor. With HTML
Builder there is no need to learn complicated HTML. Just select text and
click on toolbars or choose menu items. Common tasks are combined into a
single task to simplify maintenance. A complete help file is included.
Features. [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* HTML Builder 2

HTML Builder is a Microsoft Windows based HTML editor. With HTML Builder
there is no need to learn complicated HTML. Just select text and click on
toolbars or choose menu items. Common tasks are combined into a single
task to simplify maintenance. A complete help file is included.
- [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* HTML Quick Edit Bar

HTML Quick Edit Bar - is a freeware toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer
that enables to put the browser into a mode where you can edit the current
HTML page. Once edited, you can upload the modified page to your web-site
via FTP. HTML Quick Edit Bar can be useful for anyone who uses Microsoft
In [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

The most efficient and powerful web-editor, whether you're an experienced
web professional or just a novice starting with your first web site, it is
the complete set of features and tools you need to design, build and
publish web sites in less time and with great results!

Advanced coding feature [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Htmlpad

Htmlpad is a relatively simple and easy to use text editor yet has many
unusual and interesting features:
- Using the Windows multiple document interface (MDI), you can open
several files simultaneously each in it's own window. In the Open dialog
you can even select multiple files to open in one op [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* IEwinsize

This software can resize and fix your Internet Explorer's window size.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Information Palace (InfoPal)

Fully functional personal information manager for storing your phones,
passwords, diaries, tapes, or just about any other collection of items
such as coins, stamps, cards, and other lists that you might have... Some
of InfoPal features: password protection so that only users with the right
password [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* InstallSelect

InstallSelect is a Delphi 5 program designed to select up to 5 specified
setup programs from an installation CD. No dependent files (DLLs) are
required and InstallSelect should run on any 32 bit version of Windows.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* IP Detective Viewer

Desktop viewer is a small application that runs on your desktop and will
let you know your current ip address at any time. It will show up as an
icon in your system tray. If you hold your mouse over it, it will display
your current ip address.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Islamic Prayer

Islamic Prayer software is a small, simple software which features: Islamic
praying times calculation and preview(anywhere in the world), textual and
animated islamic praying examples, Hijri/Gregorian calendar
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* JFDraw

JFDraw is a pure Java based graphics application and library package.
JFDraw used a little features of Java2D, and expanded a lot of graph
routines for more complex vector graph processing. You can run JFDraw
under any operating systems that suport Java.

JFDraw is focused on vector graph drawing [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Johann's Filters

Johann's Filters is a set of Photoshop compatible image processing
The following 5 filters are included:
- Symmetric Pattern 1: A sine based pattern generator
- Symmetric Pattern 2: Another sine based pattern generator
- Symmetric Pattern 3: A tangent based pattern generator
- Focal Bl [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Jon's Downloader

A program that performs batch HTTP or FTP downloads. I'll go to a new or
favorite web site that has a lot of files I want to download but I don't
have the time to manually download each file. And if I start five or six
downloads going at once,something always happens to the machine or the
internet c [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* JPad

Full featured java editor for beginners
JPad is a simple and easy to use java language editor designed for entry
level java programming. JPad makes it easy to compile and run java
System Requirements: Windows 95,98,Me
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* JpegCrop

The Jpegcrop Windows Application was initially developed to provide a
convenient interactive user interface for the new jpegtran -crop feature.
It has now developed to a nearly complete user interface replacement for
jpegtran, and furthermore for demonstration of the enhanced djpeg -scale
feature. [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* JQ-DATA FTP Server

FTP Server written in JAVA. The server has an optional SWING GUI. The GUI
and the server-logic is seperated as two components, but downloaded

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* JQuitMeter

JQuitMeter is a stop-smoking tool that displays how long you have been quit
smoking for.
- Native system tray support for both Linux/KDE3 and Windows
- Configurable signature text
- Free and open (GPL)
Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP or Linux/KDE3 + Java Runtime
Environment 1. [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* JR URL Generator

The URL Generator will create a list of URL's based on the field values you
enter. The list of URL's can then be saved from the program, and loaded
into offline downloader program like RafaBot to download each and every
file automatically, and saves you having to manually type in each file you
want [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* JSS Code Keeper

This is a freeware application. Keep all your personal passwords and codes
for bank accounts, e-mail, webshops, car stereo, mobile phone, safe and
much more, in one place with this utility.
The passwords are encrypted in the registry.
For Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* JTPrank

So you're a prankster eh! Well then, you'll have a blast with this
program. JTPrank is a program that allows you to play some tricks on the
computers of friends, work colleagues, family, etc. Basically it allows
you(from another computer) to control certain aspects of their computer.
For example [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* JustBeFriends

A Security Update Preventing Outlook Virus Propagation for Windows NT and
2000 only.
JustBeFriends.dll supports and enhances Microsoft's recently announced
Outlook E-mail Security Update by monitoring the Visual Basic scripting
engine's interactions with Microsoft Outlook and immediately identifyin [...]
* JWPce

JWPce is a free Japanese Word Processor that I wrote. JWPce is distributed
under the GNU General Public License, which means that within certain
restrictions you are free to obtain, use and pass on the program. Since I
wrote the program and this is my web page, this is as close to an official
suppor [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Kafka

Kafka is an image-morphing application. Users load two different images,
specify a set of correspondence points between the two using an intuitive
interface, and can output either a still image partway between the two
images or a movie of the entire transition.
In addition to the basic warping-and- [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* LazySync

LazySync is a pure-Java file-synchronization program written for handheld
devices (currently supports the Compaq iPAQ) using the SavaJeXE
(www.savaje.com) Java operating system.
- Java 1.3 capable host machine
- Handheld running SavaJe XE 1.0
- TCP/IP Network connection between hand [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Live Journal Poster Scout

Internet Explorer plug-in that allows you to make your posts to LiveJournal
service directly from your browser, using selected text. Just select text
on the web-page of interest, right-click and choose "Post to

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers

As a Delphi Developer you are of course not satisfied with just another
installer; you want an installer that really stands out and has unique
advantages over other installers.
The FREE edition includes everything you need to create nice installations
for your end-users.
The features of the Free E [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Log Viewer

Log Viewer is a Text file, document, Logs viewer with a lot of features.

Configurable colors and sort of error text, warning text and more.

Auto Refresh function, good for "live" log viewing.

Configurable Filelist of files on local computer and network for fast
switching between docume [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Make a Farm

Free software for kids to create a fun and educational arts and crafts

Free educational software to print a farm house, barn, silo and other
building to make a farm, all on regular paper on your PC printer. Kids
arrange the buildings, make pens and fields, plan what animals and cro [...]
* Makunouchi Bento

Experimental ring modulator

A Romanian duo specialized in experimental music.
A vst plugin custom-developed by Big Tick for the above artists, and
finally released as free software.
This plugin ring-modulates incoming audio with sine waves of continuously
varying frequency, and runs the resul [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* MapleXP

MapleXP is a simple tool that allows a computer user to keep track of how
much time he or she spends working on their various projects. Each project
can be divided into a hierarchical structure of tasks, which allows for
very precise tracking of working time.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Matador

Matador - A free junk-mail/spam Bayesian filter for Outlook 2003 with C#
Outlook 2003 comes with an integrated junk-mail filter that helps to
prevent spam and other scums. I've spread my email addresses too much over
newsgroups, forums, blogs, etc, and I use to receive between 200 and 300
emails a [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* MathQuiz

Now you can practice your multiplication tables, addition, subtraction, and
division with animated cartoons and an ever changing memory game. It has
optional sounds to indicate right and wrong answers as well as optional
background music. The current score and an all-time high score is kept as
you a [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Melody's Taming Calculator

Melody's Taming Calculator helps you maximize your Animal Taming gains in
Ultima Online.
It does so by calculating your best target range and your good target
range and displays these two lists for you.
- Automatically gets your current taming/lore/vet skill if it is used with
UOAssis [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Meskhi ToolBox

Download, unzip and install Unicode Font with Georgian language support -

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* MeterPlay

For people going through the fun of quitting smoking here is a little
amusing tool that tells you (verbally) how long you have been quit for.
Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* MIDIClockDetect

MIDICLOCKDETECT can be used for diagnosing MIDI devices.
The BPM rate of the real time MIDI clock signal is shown on screen.
Start/Stop events are detected and the BPM rate is calculated every .625

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Mil Free Internet Eraser

Your computer remembers the web sites you have visited and what you have
entered in these pages. Ask yourself what would happen if your boss,
spouse, kids or colleagues could see what you have been doing. Mil Free
Internet Eraser 1.0 deletes Internet cookies and history tracks from your
K [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* MilkDrop

MilkDrop is a Winamp visualization plug-in. It uses 3D graphics hardware,
combined with iterative image-based rendering techniques, to create a
visual journey through sound. Take a look at some of the images it has
produced; but keep in mind these still images leave out the element of
time, which is [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* mIRC Scripts

Some mIRC scripts i've written over the years, for people who don't want to
go the whole hog of installing nnScript or tribe9 etc.
- UT2004 Hotlink Handler v2: Lets you double click ut2004:// style URLs in
mIRC to connect to that server.
- Topic Commands: Adds commands to mIRC to aid in setting th [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

A tool used to search hubs in the direct connect network. You can search a
couple thousand hubs with MoGLO (depending on your hublist)
Well basically, a list, of hubs (servers), that you need, in order to
search them. There are a few different hublists, see the hublist section.
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Mondrian Style Cubes Screen Saver

A free screen saver loosely inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian. Your
screen is painted with colorful cubes.
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, ME, 98, NT4.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* MOPyHack

Fed up waiting for your MOPy points to collect; this program allows you to
change the points for the MOPy fish screensaver to any value you wish.
- Windows 95/98/NT
- MOPy Fish ScreenSaver
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Mouse Controlled Fire Simulation

A simple fire simulation which can be controlled in its temperature by
pressing the left mouse button while moving horizontally and in its
consumption of flammable material by pressing the other button during
vertical movement. Needs a 80386

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* MouseOver Creator

The purpose of this program is to enable non-JavaScript users to create
JavaScript Mouse Over effects, quickly and easily. The only thing you've
got to do is add the artwork.
Features: Works with or without Frames, you can have a second highlighted
image, a Status Bar Message for every button, On [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Mp3CoolPlay-Xtreme

Mp3CoolPlay-X is a small media player capable of playing various types of
music file formats, these formats include:
- MPEG music files: .mp3, .mp2, .mp1
- Ogg vorbis files: .ogg
- FastTracker modules: .xm, .mod
- Ogg, mp3 modules: .oxm, .mo3
- Audio CD's: .cda
- Unreal Tournament modules: .um [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* MSN AgentCQ

What is MSN AgentCQ? It's a superb freeware title which adds a little life
and individuality to MSN Messenger from Microsoft (R).

With MSN AgentCQ you can add personal auto replies for each person on your
contact list and for EACH state/mode that you are in (e.g. you can have a
'BUSY' message for [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Multi-Language Support

MLS transform your VB source projects to support a multi-language
MLS analize your source project and add a menu (on main menu-bar) on form
that you have indicated, and from where you may to select other
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Multiplication Game

This is a small game for kids for learning and revising mathematics
multiplication tables. Game can be run for each number table or for all
the numbers from 1 to 9. It will also keep the highscore table for the
fastest player.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Nastyshaper

Experimental waveshaping distorsion

This free plugin will distort your audio subtly or to the extreme !
Nastyshaper features:

Pre and Post gain knobs
3 different waveshaping functions. Shape 1 has 4 stages, Shapes 2/3 have 2
An 8x oversampling mode for high-quality off [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Newzie

Newzie is a new kind of software agent--called news aggregator--to monitor,
retrieve, and store syndicated information published through XML-based
files, namely RSS Feeds, on the Internet. Moreover, Informative
Visualization and letting you build up your Reading Preferences are two of
the many dazzl [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Open QueryBuilder

The Open QBuilder (OQBuilder) is a simple "visual query builder". You can
use OQBuilder in your Borland Delphi and Borland C++Builder applications
to make easier SQL-code generation.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Optimize Memory

Increases the speed of your computer by up to 200%
Boosts your computer memory for smoother performance.
Makes your computer more stable.
Helps to prevent computer crashes, freezes and memory leaks.
Includes a free copy of Advanced Searchbar


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Page Translator

Google has created a fantastic set of tools to allow you to translate any
web page from one language to another. However, for most, it is a bit
difficult to integrate into your existing site.
PAGE TRANSLATOR does all the work for you! All you have to do is enter the
URL that you wish to translate, [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Panda Quick Remover

This tool from panda Anti-Virus automatically repairs infections of
"popular" worms and viruses and restores original system and registry
configuration. Panda Quick Remover can currently detect and remove the
following infections: Badtrans, Badtrans.B, Bagle.A, Bagle.AA, Bagle.AB,
Bagle.AH, Bagle.AM [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* PC-Sherlock

PC-Sherlock - A Game of Logic & Deduction
Can machines think? Find out by playing this game of "pure logic" against
your own PC. You and the PC play detective and engage in a war-of-minds to
break each other's secret-code using the clues of Bulls & Cows.
PC-Sherlock is a fun way to improve your log [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Photo-Sorter

Photo Sorter is a simple program designed for organizing your digital
pictures with simplicity.
Photo Sorter is a freeware application which means there are no time
limitations nor are there any restrictions on its use.
Outlined below are some of the essential features;
- View pictures by thumbn [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* photoAlbum

A PHP web-page photo gallery. Simply scans a folder for images and displays
the files in a nicely formatted list.
- Simple to set up - extract to the webserver and change 2 settings!
- Caches thumbnails to ease server CPU load, supports comments and other
- No database requir [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

"The Personal Information Notes Keeper"
- Stores Address.
- Stores Home, Cell, Pager, Fax and Work Telephone Numbers
- Stores Primary and Secondary Email Addresses
- Stores Primary Messenger Application Preference
- Stores Screen Name
- Search Alphabetically by First or Last Name
- [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Platform Studio SE

Platform Studio is the new leading tool to create high-quality 2D platform
games. The editors are very powerful and easy to use, equipped with a
user-friendly interface, and do not require any coding, although that is
among one of its many features.
Best of all, Platform Studio Standard Edition is [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* PneuCalc

Pneumatic calculation program

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Pod Player

Pod Player is a freeware application to be used with your iPod. It allows
you to play music from your iPod while it is connected to your PC. When
launched, it will look for an attached iPod and when it finds one it will
read the music database on the iPod. You will then be able to views your
songs i [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* PokerSol

PokerSol - Poker Solitaire by uuba.com
Win by building the best 10 poker hands in a 5 by 5 grid. PokerSol scoring
is based on the relative ranking of hands in the game of Poker with points
ranging from 2 for one pair to 100 for a Royal Flush. One hundred and
fifty points is considered a win.
Scree [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Powerform

Powerform is a new data fitting and curve fitting program that produces a
linear algebraic expression for a set of paired X,Y data. Unlike common
least squares polynomial methods, Powerform employs positive, negative,
integer and fractional exponents which enable visually better curve fits
and lend [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* QCD Resumer

QCD is a neat little alternative to the bulkier MP3/Digital players around.
QCD Resumer is a plugin that resumes play where it left off, as well as
adding a "Most Recently Played" menu.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Quick Resolution Changer

Quick resolution Changer makes as easy as 1 click to change Resolution.

Users that change resolutions frequently will be very happy installing
this quick resolution Changer.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

Reading Acceleration Machine. Freeware for Windows 9x and NT 4.0.
RAM 3.5 is a small freeware device for presenting word-groups sequentially
at a pace chosen by the user. It is a tachistoscope ("rapid-viewer") that
supports efficient and rhythmic reading, rehearsal of text-comprehension,
and accele [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Recipe Buster

Why spend your time editing recipes?
Take a break!
Let Buster fix your recipes now!
MealMaster and MasterCook Recipe Buster for PCs
- Meal-Master Buster for PC: MM Buster will take your recipe digest text
files (or any text file containing recipes) and convert them ALL to
MealMaster format. Mast [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* RenamerFairy

RenamerFairy is a tool designed for renaming large numbers of files.
It can be installed as a Windows shell-extension (so it appears on the
right-click menu for files) or as a normal application.
RenamerFairy is FREE software.
- Renames both files and directories
- User-friendly wind [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Reveal

Reveal is a tiny application that changes many of the password text boxes
to normal text boxes. Simply run the application, and it does it's magic,
the password text boxes become normal ones in every way, you can edit the
text, copy it out using the clipboard, etc.

If you're interested, behind t [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Revised Common Lectionary

The Revised Common Lectionary is widely used throughout mainstream
Churches. This program seeks to make the Lectionary more easily accessible
to those who use computers regularly. The program is basically a tool that
presents the Lectionary Readings for any period between the Lectionary
Years of 199 [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Rostrum Camera

Windows software compatible with 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP systems
Prior to the introduction of digital techniques in film and television,
static objects such as photographs and paintings were imaged using a movie
or TV camera placed in front of them.
In order to add visual interest and assist t [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* SafeSex

In 1998 Nullsoft brought you Sex, a little virtual notepad for "scribbling"
things down. Then we made the UI a little different, but never released
it. Fast forward to 2002, and we added encryption and better profile
support to Sex, and called it SafeSex.
SafeSex allows you to have some notes that [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Schedule Free

Schedule is a multiple-user calendar program that keeps track of
appointments and notifies you in advance of special occasions like
birthdays and anniversaries.
The main window displays a calendar. To view or edit a day's appointments
simply click on that day. The program supports recurring appoint [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* ScreenOn

This is a simple program that adds an icon of a monitor to your status bar.
Left clicking the icon will activate the current screensaver, right
clicking exits the program and removes the icon from the status bar.
Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* ScriptureExplorer

ScriptureExplorer adds powerful lookup and search capabilities from the
Bible Gateway to Internet Explorer, giving users instant access to all the
languages, translations, and features of the Bible Gateway!
ScriptureExplorer also enhances web page searching, tracks your Favorites
modifications, and [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* SE Maker

SE Maker is a free utility for Windows 95, 98 and 2000. This program offers
an alternative to using WinZip self extractor personal edition. Supply SE
Maker with some basic information, and a compatible zip file, to turn the
zip file into a full 32-bit executable program. The finished product, a
prog [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Seed Search

The web's only garden seed search engine. Use it to browse websites. If you
maintain a website of your own, we implore you to add your site to our
database! All that we ask is that you place a link back to your site to
the Seed Search homepage as outlined on the page!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* SetRes

SetRes a little command line utility to set the screen resolution on
Useful for badly written school software which only works in a certain
resolution/colour depth.
Example Usage: setres 1024 768 32

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* ShowOff

A program that creates a secure user-friendly website for pictures and
movies you choose to share.

Uses your own computer to host the website.
ShowOff! does everything that online picture services such as Ofoto and
Yahoo! Photos do:
· Share your pictures and movies on a secure website.
· A [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Simple Calendar

This is a simple calendar application I wrote to avoid accidently changing
the date when using the built-in Windows calendar. I wrote this
application in C# using the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. This was done
mainly as an exercise. View a screenshot here.
- Install/Uninstall support
- [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Simple Currency Converter

This simple currency calculator instantly converts base world currencies
and updates exchange rates with a single button click. Cross currency
exchange rates are based on US dollar rate. Edit, copy, cut and on-the-fly
rates conversion makes this free utility a handy tool for everyone

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Simple Mortgage Calculator

Simple Mortgage Calculator instantly determines your monthly mortgage loan
payment, total payment amount, total interest and prepayment savings given
a fixed interest rate schedule. Monthly prepayment calculation or one time
prepayment (down payment) options are also available.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Smoke

Smoke is a Winamp plug-in that generates rich and lively audio-driven
visuals through the simulation of fluid dynamics.
System Requirements
- A video card with basic 3D support
- DirectX 8.0 or later ( http://www.microsoft.com/windows/directx/ )
- Winamp 2.72 or later ( http://www.winamp.com/ ) [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Sort Netflix

SortNetflix and SortGamefly are two programs that can be used to easily
rearrange Netflix and Gamefly queues. To use them:
Visit your queue in Internet Explorer
Launch the appropriate program
Drag the entries around to sort the queue as you'd like
Click OK
Submit the webpage
Note: SortGa [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* SoundEngine Free

"SoundEngine Free" is a simple 2ch wave edit application software for
mastering and track/sample edit. However, this have the feature which
other software dose not have.
The deveropment concept of "SoundEngine Free" puts emphasis on functions
for general mastering. It will satisfy the necessity for [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Speaking Clock

This simple program sits in the Windows system tray and announces the time
every hour, or if it is clicked upon.
Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Speedy Rubbish Killer

The Rubbish Killer is the most fastest and easier using software ever that
will clean up the unnecessary files in the process which is not more than
5 seconds! It specially designs to clean up the Netscape cache, temporary
internet files, cookies, temporary files, and the other useless files with
th [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* STP MP3 Player

STP (SysTrayPlay) is a simple MP3 player that runs at the system tray and
takes just a little of display space and processor time. It also has an
equalizer and a simple playlist editor, plus several unique features you
won't find in other players
Also STP has a simple CD-player, but this is mostly [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Super WinSpy

With Super WinSpy, You can find out what the others have done on your
computer , including what web sites they have been, what text, images,
movies they have seen. and also what files they opened/saved, what kind of
search they have done and what they ran at the start menu. Double click
the displa [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* tables10

The free and easy way to build even complex tables for html files
This handy utility will help you create tables for your html files. You
design your table in a spreadsheet (making it much easier) and then
convert the file to an html file.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Tetris Game

An easy to learn and play tetris game with big pieces, many levels,
options, and a boss key so that you can play at work.. oops..

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* The Book of Jesus

At present, we are able to allow you to download one (1) complete copy of
the "Book of Jesus" for your own personal, non-commercial usage without
any charge. The Book of Jesus and all its related components are
Copyrighted 1997 by The New Amsterdam Publishing Company. By permitting
the download copy [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* The Choir Keeper

The NEW totally revised Choir Keeper is a software package that will track
choir membership and choir music.
The new version is still going to be free and fully functional. If your
church decides to use it a donation of any amount would for the Harmony
Grove UMC organ fund would be greatly appreci [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* The People Keeper

The People Keeper is a personal address manager designed to track families.
It keeps complete data for each member of a family. The data for each
family member is displayed together. The systems allows for up to ten
separate address books, one for each member of your family if desired, or
separate p [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* The Real 3D Shooter

Some time ago a friend told me about a Computer-Game University somewhere
oversea, and there they learn how to write a 3D shooter within 15 minutes.
Many repetitions later I had enough of it and said: No problem for me.
Here is the result:
3DTrue, the engine was finished within 15 minutes, but pix [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Ticky Clav

This plugin emulates the ultra-funky sound of the Hohner Clavinet, forever
associated with Stevie Wonder's "Superstition".

The synth engine is based on a physical modeling algorithm, faithfully
reproducing the strings vibration and the 2 pickups of the Clavinet Model
C. Special attention has bee [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* TinyCD

Quite possibly one of the smallest Windows CD players in existence. This is
intended to be a highly simple, no-frills CD player. If you want a more
sophisticated one, there are plenty out there that will mow the lawn, walk
the dog, play chess, and trade stock on the Nasdaq and the NYSE. But if
you w [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* ToDoList

I was in need of a quick way to remember things To Do.
It makes a simple file that you can type or past events or projects for
the week. Uses no resources. ;)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Traces Viewer

Traces Viewer as a tool that allow to view all images, flash movies, pages
and other media files cached by Internet Explorer browser.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* UK's Kalender

"UK's Kalender" is a MS Windows program intended to remind you of upcoming
events and todos. There are several views for your dates that are
organized similar to a calendar sheet. Dates and appointments can be
entered into the calendar via an input form.You can enter a forewarn time,
so as long as " [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Ultimate Zip

UltimateZip creates associations for files with the following extensions:
RAR, TAR, TBZ, TBZ2,TGZ, UU, UUE, XXE, Z, ZIP, ZOO. To open these
archivetypes by Double clicking UltimateZip must be properly associated to

Ult [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

"VGA-COPY/386", v6.25, one of the most popular and fastest freeware
utilities to copy and format disks. Made in Germany ! Fancy graphics and
shocking dingdongs via Speaker, Soundblaster or Gravis-Ultrasound.
Supporting new Microsoft DMF-disks. Most used anti virus software like
F-Prot or McAfee and [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Volutive

Get FREE the latest version of the invoicing program that will change your
mind about how software can help you in your business!

Customize your invoice templates from top to bottom, print your invoices
quickly and email perfect copies of them easily in PDF with this business
software that you ca [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

Wherever Change Directory
chdir for DOS and Unix, w/C src
Another Norton Change Directory (NCD) clone with more features.
Wcd is a program to change directory fast. It saves time typing at the
keyboard. One needs to type only a part of a directory name and wcd will
jump to it. By default wcd sear [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* WebBiter

WebBiter is a plugin for Explorer. One can create an unlimited number of
customized portales only with those sections of public web pages the user
considers of interest.

Every section of interest is called plice (page + slice) and maintains all
its original graphic and functional characteristics. [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* WebBug

WebBug lets you enter a URL, then displays exactly what it sends to the Web
Server and, when the response is received, exactly what the Web Server
sends back.
This is a `fun` program if you`re curious about the HTTP protocol, and is
a useful `debugging` tool if you are trying to resolve a problem. [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* WebCore Designer

WebCore Designer is a all features 32-bit text editor designed to provide
you with an easy, productive and powerful way of editing any files up to
the limits of your computers virtual memory and supporting syntax color
for following file types: HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, JS, VBS, JAVA, SQL and C#.

WebC [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* WebWorm

The idea of WebWorm is to simply collect as many of the red 'blobs' as
possible. The more red blobs collected, the longer the worm will become.
The game ends when the worm strays out of the game area or collides with
itself. The score is based upon the length of the worm at the end of the
(LT [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* WellsEdit

WellsEdit: Rich text editor for Windows. It allows you to choose any color
for your text color, and includes a clipboard Editor
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/ME

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* WhizNote

WhizNote is a note organizer to keep your text notes. It also allows to
insert simple jump hyperlinks so that you can connect your notes easily.
Well-connected notes help you brainstorm and review your ideas more

You can also use WhizNote to write .HLP files, provided you have Micro [...]
* WinKill

WinKill is a program designed to replicate the functionality of X-Kill for
the Win32 environment. It operates off an icon in the system tray and
offers the following functionality:
- Kill or close a window with a single mouse click.
- Close all windows
- Restart your computer or just Windows
- [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Winsonar 2004 XP

Winsonar 2004 XP Freeware Edition is a program specifically designed for
process monitoring and system protection from unknown processes: the
program detectes new processes permanently installed into memory while
system is working off-line, offering also an active Internet protection,
by optional au [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* WinWorm

Worms clone for Windows 95. Kinda fun some of the time, nightmarishly
frustrating at all other times
Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT
ScreenShot (LT)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* WoodyGammon

WoodyGammon is a simple, powerful and user friendly backgammon game
written in Visual C++ 6 using MFC. It has been tested for a
long time by some of my friends in IUST university. Initially
it was my C++ project in term 2. Then I decide to make it a popular
game that ev [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* World Clock ScreenSaver

World Clock ScreenSaver is free screensaver showing your local and five
major time zones.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* WPChanger

Automatic cycling:
WPChanger will cycle through a list of wallpapers you specify.

Set Cycling Interval:
You can set the interval on which WPChanger should refresh your PC's
One click cycling:
Hold down CTRL and click the tray icon of WPChanger to cycle to a new

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* Xcorder

Xcorder is a Voice Activated Recorder.

The program works by recording only when a signal is detected, this can
save a lot of hard disk space as well as time.
- One touch record (OTR) or Panic button
- Programmed event recording
- Threshold / Trigger level setting
- User friendly
- Event Log [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* xearth for Windows

Xearth for Windows is a port of Kirk Johnson's original xearth program to
Microsoft Windows. Xearth renders a shaded image of the earth on your
desktop, as seen from your favorite vantage point in space. By default,
the image is updated every five minutes according to the current position
of the sun [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* xIP converter

encode your ip-address to prevent (unskilled) users to identify it!
»» the best: the most browsers understand encoded ip-addresses
»» choose from 5 different ip formats
»» customize the format options to customize your encoded ip
»» the internal hostname resol [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* XMLFox

XML data format is omnipresent these days. You probably come across XML in
your quotidian development tasks more or less frequently. But unless you
are really drawn in it, you are hardly to be an expert in all of the
innumerable XML standards out there. For example, take a look at XSD
schema format. [...]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
* ZIPonaut

ZIPonaut creates automatically a contents table of a ZIP-diskette. This can
be printed onto inlays of jewel cases. It is very useful for the
maintenance of Your software collection or other files You downloaded from
the Internet.
Windows 95 , Windows NT 3.51 ( or later )
The program is free for no [...]

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* ZipScan

ZipScan is a program that performs a fast file search which includes
looking inside archive files, such as Zip files. This is useful if you
have lots of documents archived in Zip files and need to be able to search
for specific documents. It is also useful when looking for a particular
DLL from a se [...]

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Regards the FWT Team

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