Win2k3, DNS, DHCP, Crazy???



Ok, I think I am going mad.

Here is my deal -

Got a Win2k3 domain controller, runs AD, DNS, DHCP, WINS etc. Works like a
dream and so do all its clients.

This server has an internal management card that is assigned its own address
either via DHCP or static. I've tried both.

My problem:

I can go to any device on the network and ping this management card by name
or number. I can attached to and login the management card as I would expect

I cannot ping - either by name or number - the management card from the
server where the card is physically installed.

I tried DHCP and static - DHCP, WINS, DNS, etc all seem to picked up the
card just fine. Pingable and accessible from everywhere on the network
except from its own server.

Ok, maybe - but I doubt it - the management card just isn't accessible from
its own server by design. Well, I have a 2nd server that can't attach or
ping it either.

All servers, PCs, etc can ping each other by name, number, access services
across any of the devices, etc - just this management card. Updated
firmware, drivers, etc and no go.

Any thoughts from anyone?

If my DC is providing DNS, WINS, etc to my clients and my clients can attach
to the management card then I'm lost how the device proving DNS, WINS, etc
can't ping an address - either by name or number, when the clients can.




Hello Bunert,

What did you mean with management card? Is it a second NIC? Please post an
ipconfig /all from your server.

Best regards

Disclaimer: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers
no rights.




Thanks for the response. Its an HP Lights-Out management card.

I found the issue, there was a bug in the HP network control utility which
handles the teaming of NICs.

Updated the utility and my issue was solved.

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