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I am trying to get a trust established between two domains. One is NT 4.0,
the other is Win2k. From the NT domain I can setup the trust, from the win2k
domain I get a "domain cannot be contacted" error. The trust then shows as a
non-windows trust. The win2k domain has the appropriate lmhosts entries for
the NT domain. The win2k domain can also ping the NT PDC. No firewall
between the two domains. Any one have any suggestions? The win2k domain has
trusts with other NT domains.



Curtis Clay III [MSFT]

1. Setup secondary DNS zones on Windows 2000 for the NT4 domain.
2. Verify that both domains can query the 1b records for each domain .
3. LMHOSTS file should be in all caps and not tabs utilized.

180094 How to Write an LMHOSTS File for Domain Validation and Other Name

See the article below for more details.

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