Trusts between Win2k domain and NT 4.0 domain



I'm trying to establish two way trust between Win2k domain
and Win NT 4.0 Domain, but without success. Win2k domain
Netbios name is POZ_ADM1 and DNS name is, so they are diffrent. When I try to add
trusted domain POZ_ADM1 at Win NT 4.0 PDC I get an
error: "domain controller not found". I've configured WINS
replication between those two domains, and even configured
LMHOST at PDC so I think the problem doesn't lie in
resolving name. But I don't know what maybe other reasons
of my problems. Maybe you will have any clue ????
I would be greatfull for your help




can the domain controllers ping each others ip?

is there a firewall between dcs?

have you checked that lmhosts is cached correctly ?

try this in command prompt:

nbtstat -c

check also these :Q180094 , Q163409,
Q102725 , Q197808, Q181171

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