win2000 Blue Setup screen Stall out



I have posted many issues to try to get the win 2000 to
install on my vectra vli8. I have read many postings and
nothing has worked. I have installed a new 80 gig hard
drive and tried to do a clean install (by changing the
sequence in bios to point to the cd first) but the system
would not boot the win 2000 cd. So I installed win 98se
and tried to do an upgrade and a clean install and it
locks up with the blue setup screen after the intial
reboot. I put in the setup # 1 disck and same thing..can
someone please help me with details. This has been a big
issue that really should be a simple process.




Greg, I feel your pain. It's hell when this sh!t don't
work. Have you tried making the setup boot disk set (4
floppies) and booting on disk #1? Make sure you have a
separate floppy with drivers for any new IDE controllers
or other storage devices that Win2K doesn't have drivers
for. When you first boot on disk #1 you'll see a message
at the bottom to press F6 for these newer drivers. Be
sure to push it while the message is there or you system
will hang when trying to find the device w/o the driver,
and you'll have to boot up all over again. BTW, when you
press F6 it won't ask for that disk until later, it
doesn't happen right away. Oh, I couldn't get my system
to boot on the CD eventhough a guy who installs Win2K all
the time swore I should be able to. I think there are
enterprise versions and then the version you and I have.
Use the floppies.

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