Windows 7 Win 7 Scheduled Task won't run after being altered by SYSTEM

Jan 27, 2012
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I have a sched task that I authored using my user account that I know from running manually works. The problem I'm having is that at some point Windows 7 is deleting and recreating this task, and doing it incorrectly. Consequently the task won't run at its scheduled time.

The most important change it is making is that it's setting Run As user to SYSTEM instead of my user account. I know this won't work this way from manual runs.

Looking at the task history I can see what Windows 7 is doing, I just don't know why, or how to stop it. Every time I create this task Windows will eventually go through this sequence of events, resulting in a task that is different than the one I created:

1. Task registration deleted
2. Task registered
3. Task registration updated


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