Windows 8 (cross-post from w2k forum) Running .bat files minimized from scheduler - in windows 8 (x64) ??

Feb 3, 2012
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"windows 8: how to start a batch file minimized with task scheduler? %comspec% method not working anymore after Windows 7

After Windows XP, I always use the trick below to start batch files minimized with Windows Task Manager.

"prequisite: all your batch files have an exit-command to fnish the actions off. If you do not exit, you will end with a command prompt blinking.

This is what I keep using: %comspec% /c start /min "C:\Scripts\Destination_inbound_ftp5.bat"

When you save this in the properties, you will get a follow-up dialogue asking you if you ment all this to be parameters or not. Answer NO and the task will be saved as you would expect.

Thank you David Lipman, Sept 7th 2005 :)"

I also read this article: , which made me replace the "%comspec%" statement with "C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe", but that did not change anything either.

The problem is that now, instead of a minimized running bat file, I end up with just a command prompt, minimized but without any of the batch commands executed. The task scheduler status remains "running" :(

Anyone an idea how to get this done on Windows 8 (x64)?? Preferrable with old-school batch commands instead of powershell (or worse ;p)

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