what's the best fax software for Outlook 2003


Abbi Danis

What's the best fax software to use with Outlook 2003?

I tried the Win XP Fax. It installed okay. But it received faxes at an
incredibly slow rate, and the dialing rules (putting a "1" in front of long
distance area codes, etc.) didn't work. Instead of spending time trying to
fix it, I went back to my Winfax Pro 10.01. But it's giving me the deadly
'Server Busy' message. I've tried the Regedit solutions suggested on the
Symantec knowledge base, but after deleting the offending registry entry it
works until I close Message Manager and it hangs and the registry entry is
back again.

Help!! Does anyone know what fax software works best with Outlook 2003?
Thanks for any suggestions.




Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

The only Fax software that integrates with Outlook 2003 is Windows XP Fax,
Windows 2000 Personal Fax, and SBS Fax. We would have no information about
third party offerings. AFAIK, WinFax Pro never managed to update to the
point it would work with Outlook 2003.




Are you looking for single-user software that only runs on Outlook or
are you looking for server software that allows more than one user to
fax, using Exchange as the central repository?


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