Outlook 2003 and winfax 10.03




I am trying to set up my outlook so that I can send and email and fax
in one operation.
I dont know how to send a winfax fax through outlook for that matter.
I have tried all these steps listed and still need help/

Can someone tell me how to set faxing up using winfax through outlook

I want it so that I could have a group of people that i could send a
fax to and also have an email sent to them. (meaning the same people
will receive a fax and email)

Please help



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

You'll need to contact Symantec for support. I've never even heard whether
they were ever able to get WinFax to work reliably with Outlook 2003. The
last I heard, they hadn't.

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