Winfax 10.2



I have a main Outlook 2003 contact folder and a subfolder. I am able
to fax from the main folder but have been unable to get the sub-folder
to show up in Winfax. Additionally, as many people know...Symantic no
longer supports Winfax and it is a pain.

I tried fooling with Win XP fax but it is difficient. In Winfax, I am
able to write a letter and then add files and scan files as
attachments. I can't find a way to do this with XP fax.

If there is no solution to the Winfax problem or using Win XP
fax...anybody know a reasonablly priced fax program that does what
Winfax used to do without the problems!

Duke Williams

You can see Outlook folders only in root level such as "Received" "Sent"
in Message Manager of WinFAX.

That seems to the limitation of this nice utility program.


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