Weird Rules Problem


Peter Winkler

I have one client running Outlook 2003 (on Windows 2000) with a
mailbox on an Exchange 2003 Server. He has only one rule, the rule is
supposed to move message sent to a specific distribution list to a
folder in the mailbox.

And it does only do that for a few senders. Other senders e-mail to
the distribution list will stay in the inbox.

Here's what I have tried so far :

a) deleting and recreating the rule. Did not work
b) deleting Outlook 2000 (on NT4) and reinstalling everything on a new
system running Outlook 2003 on top of Window 2000. Did not work.
c) creating the same rule with a different distribution list on the
same client. Did not work

With 'did not work' I mean, the symptoms did not change. E-mail from
test user #1 to the distribution list will get moved into a different
folder on the clients computer. E-mail from test user #2 to the
distribution list will not get moved.

Any ideas



Peter Winkler

I resolved my rules problem by the following steps:

1. delete all rules
2. install the cleansweep extension from the Backoffice Resource Kit
Part 2 - as described in
3. start a copy of Outlook 98 (cleansweep would not show up on the
toolbar of Outlook 2003)
4. make cleansweep clean all 'Rules' and 'Rule Reply Templates' - as
described in the knowledgebase article. Interesting enough, there was
one 'Rule Reply Template' shown in the details dialog before
cleansweep cleaned - though there were no rules shown in the Outlook
98 Inbox Assistant nor in the Outlook 2003 Rules Wizard.

That made the problem go away. Now all mail messages are routed
according to the rule.

FWIW, I would recommend to Microsoft to release a version of the
cleansweep tool for Outlook 2003 or some other way for administrators
to examine rules in mailboxes


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