Rules not running



I’m using Outlook 2007 and have a number of rules setup. These rules
are set to check the senders address, or the subject line and then
move the e-mail to another folder, and mark it as read. However, they
seem to have stopped working. They are not moving the e-mails, but
when I go into Tools | Rule and Alerts | Run rules now, I can select
all rules and run them, which moves the e-mails to the correct

I’m just using Outlook on my home PC, connecting to my POP3 e-mail
account, and downloading e-mails. I’ve read posts about a size limit
on rules in Outlook 2003…32kb…however, does this still apply to 2007?
Also, how do you determine the size of your rules?


Diane Poremsky [MVP]

The size limit does not apply if you don't have an exchange account in your
profile and the limit is in Exchange 2003 and older, the version of Outlook
doesn't matter.

Two things you can try:

Uncheck all the rules then select them one or two at a time and see if they


Export the rules then delete and try recreating a couple of rules and see if
they work.

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