I currently have 2 W2K DCs and am planning to upgrade the forest/domain to
After I have upgraded the AD (ForestPrep/Domainprep) do I have to upgrade
one of the existing DCs or can I introduce a brand new W2K3 server and
promote it to be the first W2K3 DC?



Dave Shaw [MVP - Directory Services]

Once you have updated the Schema, you are free to add Windows Server 2003
computers as domain controllers to your forest/domain.

It is not necessary to upgrade your Windows 2000 servers. However, in order
to upgrade the domain/forest functionality to "level 2003", your Windows
2000 servers will either have to be removed or upgraded.


Ryan Hanisco


Please put some thought into why You want to introduce 2k3 into your
environment. While there are loads of benefits and things that are nice
about it, don't just change your environment for the sake of doing it. Make
a list of the new features and your justifications/ need to be using them.
Then weigh this against the risks involved.

The risks happen at both size extremes. Really small shops 1-2 servers
can't stage things and a change has to be all or nothing. Really large
shops have weirdness that has crept in over time and with the huge numbers
of hands in the pie.

Bottom line, 2k3 is a great thing, but think it out and document it first.

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