ADPREP before upgrade



Any issues peforming adprep on my forest and domain and then waiting a week
or two before promoting a new W2K3 server as a DC? I'm looking to minimize
risk so I have a gap of time between each step to make any necessary
troublehsooting easier.

I plan promote the W2K3 box and then make it a GC. Should I move the FSMO
rules right away, or should I wait to verify everything is good for awhile (a
week)first? I don't want to introduce risk by moving things too slow


Danny Sanders

When you run adprep the changes are replicated then next time AD replicates.

I would wait until the replication completes, then promote the Win 2k3
server to DC. Wait a day, then transfer the FSMO roles and what ever else
you are going to transfer to the new DC.

If everything is not "good" you will not be able to run dcpromo on the new
server (adprep errors?).
If you can everything is "good" so far. If you can run dcpromo on the new
server you really should not have any problems transferring the FSMO roles.
If you do, you will find out when you try to transfer the roles. If they
transfer everything is "good".


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