When trusting NT and W2K3 domain


Steven Wong

Can I create the trust between a NT4 and W2K3 domain right after I run
and do I need to run forestprep and/or domainprep when creating trust
between NT4 and W2K3 ?


Jorge de Almeida Pinto


As soon as the W2K3 domain is live you can create a trust between the W2K3
domain and another NT4 domain.
However to be able to setup a trust NetBIOS nameresolution must be in place
so that domain controllers on one side of the trust can find the domain
controllers on the other side of the trust.
You can accomplish this by using LMHOSTS files or by using WINS. As you
already have an NT4 domain, I'm sure you also you WINS for NetBIOS
nameresolution as NT4 domains and its clients depend on it.

I'm assume you want to setup a brand new W2K3 domain, migrate evrything from
NT4 domain to the W2K3 domain and decommission the NT4 domain when ready
In that case install WINS on a server or DC in the W2K3 domain and setup a
push/pull replication partnership (both ways) between the W2K3 WINS server
and the NT4 WINS server. Make sure that ON THE W2K3 WINS server to disable
persistent connections for the NT4 replication partner for both push and
pull replication, and set for psuh replication the value of "number of
changes in version ID before replication" to 20.

For more info have a look at:


Hi Steven

There are no requirements for the domain or forest level when making
external one-way non-transitive trusts.

You don't need forestprep/domainprep

Hope this helps,

Morten Skrubbeltrang
GrubleTrang Corporation

Dan Pinkham

domainprep/forestprep are needed to extend the schema on domain controllers
in downlevel environments e.g to allow 2k and 2k03 domain controllers to
work together

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