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Chris Hall


We are currently running a mix of Netware 5.1, a few w2k servers (1 domain,
3 dcs in three locations) and have a separte domain (1 dc, 2 member
servers). We have also just installed Exchange 2003 on a w2k3 server. Over
time, we'd like to consolidate to w2k3. I'd also like to change the current
domain name we're using to somedomain.local. So, when I'm done, I'd like it
to look something like this:

1. Upgrade our current w2k DCs to w2k3.
2. Upgrade our Netware 5.1 to w2k3 DCs. (FWIW, we have 13 locations)
3. Rename our domain to somedomain.local
4. Bring the seperate domain under one forest.

Currently, we have a ton of local users--we're running w2k & xp on the
desktops--eDir users, and 2 sets of w2k domain users. This is crazy!

I'm looking for a broad approach on how to accomplish these objectives.
Also, the Netware servers are just file & print for the most part, though
one does host an application, which could be switched over to windows. If
you have any specifics on migrating Netware, that'd be great also. We
currently have AD users for all users in the company, so I really wouldn't
need to migrate users from Netware--I guess I kinda did that with the
Groupwise to Exchange migration.


Paul Bergson

To upgrade windows 2000 to windows 2003, you first have to prepare the
domain and forest as well as Exchange. The link below should help cover
your scenarios.;en-us;325379

Setting up a Directort Service connector for Netware migration;en-us;316219

Groupwise - Exchange;en-us;328737

Once the domain is native 2003 it can be renamed

Create a new child domain within your forest and then migrate the users and
objects to this new child domain



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