Adding a w2k DC to a w2k3 domain




I have two DCs in two sites under the same forest. They are connected via
site-to-site VPN using two subnets. I want to be able to replicate between
the main w2k3 DC in the HO with the w2k DC in the branch office.

The problem I face is that the same users appear in the BO and the HO. The
users logon to the BO w2k server but use the w2k3 logons to connect to the
Exchange server located also in the HO. The users were manually added to the
w2k3 DC to allow mailboxes to be created.

If I setup AD sites and services replication between the two DCs how will
this affect the two copies of the users?

Thanks in advance,

Paul Bergson

I'm really confused as to what you are asking???

If you have two dc's seperated by sites you already have site to site
replication occuring. When you create a user the object is replicated
between the two dc's, since AD is a multimaster database.

Could you rephrase your question?

Paul Bergson MCT, MCSE, MCSA, Security+, CNE, CNA, CCA

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