VPN on PPPoE connection



I am trying to configure some Windows XP Professional
systems to connect to a VPN server. I have no problem
establishing the tunnel with a regular LAN Internet
connection. However, when I hook the computer up to a DSL
modem that uses PPPoE to provide its service, I cannot get
the VPN client to send the packets out the virtual
interface... Windows keeps trying to put them on the LAN
instead of rerouting the specified IP block through the
VPN tunnel. I am using both the Windows XP PPPoE client
and the Windows XP VPN client under SP1. There are no
Internet connectivity problems in play here, it is simply
that when the Internet connection is provided by PPPoE
instead of Ethernet, packets destined for the specific
remote network are not sent through the PPPoE client. Do I
have a misconfiguration? Does something have to be changed
to make this work with the dreadful PPPoE? Is this
insurmountable?? Any help will be appreciated.


Another thing I wonder about is dynamic IPs - is there any
way for Windows' VPN client to learn its IP address for
the local tunnel endpoint? If you get your IP dynamically,
then every time it changes you have to go in and change
the tunnel endpoint. Is there a better way?? Thank you all
you wonderful, helpful people.


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