RDP access to TS from remore site over site to site VPN



Hi All,


Have a couple of PC's on a remote site which is connected to the main
SBS 2003 site via site to site VPN tunnel.

These remote site PC's need to access a Terminal Server on the main

Before we installed the site to site VPN tunnel we were using a
standard VPN connection across the internet.

This was allowing the remote site PC's to logon to the TS on the main

After installing the VPN tunnel, adding routes, added remote site range
to internal network on ISA 2004 etc etc..Remote site PC's can ping the
fqdn and IP of the TS, but cannot make an RDP connection to it, it
doesn't respond. weird..

Curiously...I can make an RDP connection to the SBS 2003 server at the
main site..but not the TS..

I'm sure we are into ISA territory here..but not sure where to start..

I've found a few posts along similar lines but with no
solutions..perhaps I haven't looked hard enough.

If I drop the site to site VPN tunnel and take off the routes etc etc
and go back to using standard VPN across the internet then it works

Guess the only difference is that over the VPN i'm getting leased IP on
the same network as the TS..and when I'm going via my VPN tunnel I'm on
a different network..albeit this remote network range has been added to
the internal network on ISA 2004..sounds like it needs adding elsewhere
as well..

Any ideas anyone..?



....I've solved my problem myself...forgot to put a static route
back to the remote network on the routing table on the TS Server.
Only had a route back to the remote network on the SBS 2003 Server,
that's why it worked OK to there.
Added the route back to the remote network on the TS and voila...all
working fine now.


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