Remote desktop hangs intermittently over VPN connection



We're having an issue where a Windows XP SP2 computer using the RDP 6 client
connects to a remote site through the MS VPN client and tries to access
several Windows Server 2003 servers. This conputer can log onto the VPN
successfully and it can log into the servers via RDP however the RDP sessions
stops responding after a few seconds then is responsive again for a few
seconds and stops responding again. This continues to happen throughout the
connection. When I ping the remote servers over the VPN I see that 25% to 50%
of the packets are being dropped.

This issue seems to be with this one computer as all other computers connect
to the VPN and the remote servers in exactly the same way without this issue.
We checked all the settings and they are identical with the other conputers.
This computer has no other identifiable network issues, it responds just fine
on the network and over RDP when not conneced to the VPN. We have updated
windows and all drivers and even tried reinstalling the OS yet the problem

ANyone have any other ideas?


Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

That could be the MTU issue. These search results may help,
connection to remote computer was broken caused by network error
If the Remote Desktop screen comes up black and then you receive this
error, you may need test and modify the MTU. These links may help,. VPN
connection is ... - Similar pages

The client could not connect to the remote computer
The LAN users can access Remote Desktop computer but not not VPN
clients. ... After lowering the MTU value to 1200 for both Protocol and
Tunnel I get ... - Similar pages

Can't access RDC over VPN
Then he can use RDC over VPN. Related Topics. How to change MTU . ...
get immediate connection of the Remote Desktop session. :) Thanks for the
tip! ...

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