remote to desktop not working-


harry balls

win2003 network w/ AD. hardware firewall has port 3389 open and forwarded to
the domain controller. users authenticate at the domain controller to
establish VPN, then run RDP to get to their desktops.

i (and other users) can establish the VPN w/ no issues. i can VPN/RDP to
either desktop of our win2003 servers. i cannot VPN/RDP to any of the
desktop computers (winXP w/ SP3). i haven't tried all 30+, i did try 2, and
both of these were working last week.

i can RDP to another desktop while inside the network. i've checked the
firewall logs (on the desktops) for SymantecEndPointProtection firewall and
they do not show any blocked traffic during the VPN/RDP testing periods.

i'm looking at the desktop logs now...

any help here?

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

First of all, we don't recommended to install VPN on a DC. That may cause a
name resolution or connectivity issue. Check the below link for more
details. Can you ping workstation by IP?
Name resolution on VPN
After enabling RRAS on a DC with WINS and DNS server, you may have
some Master Browser, WINS or/and connectivity issues. That reason is that
VPN server is a ...

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