Can RDP into one WinXP PC but not another PC in same domain.



I am an administrator of a domain and from home I can establish a VPN
connection and RDP into my work computer. I gave one of my test users admin
access to my computer and can RDP as them into my computer as well. However
I cannot RDP as myself or as her on to her computer. All of the settings
are identical between the 2 machines. Both are in the same OU so they share
the same Group Policies. Both Remote Desktop settings are enabled and both
accounts have been added to the Remote Desktop users. Both users are
administrators of both machines. (not that this is necessary to RDP). The
Local Security settings are the same. And both firewalls are currently

The only difference is when I try to connect to the user's computer, an
error in the system log appears stating:

The RDP protocol component "DATA Encryption" detected an error in the
protocol stream and has disconnected the client.

I read a KB article suggesting to delete a couple registry entries
(Certificate and a couple X509 entries), and reboot. Tried it and it didn't

Anyone have any other suggestions. Could there be a setting to enable in AD
Users and Computers specific to the computer? I'm running out of ideas.


sorry, I've been out of the office for a week. We've decided the problem
stems from something on the local computer we are trying to RDP into. We
have been able to log onto a couple other remote computer without a problem.

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