RDP connections dropped via VPN



I have users who work from home and connect to their XP desktops on the
office n/w via a VPN connection and RDP.
The RDP connection keeps dropping and reconnecting. This happens almost
every 15 minutes on some days and hardly at all on other days.

I RDP to the server directly (port forward on the firewall) without a
VPN and do not encounter any issues at all. It looks to be either the
company ISP, the firewall or the VPN. I now have 4 users who experience
this problem. Each of them use a different ISP at home.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this it would be much


I'm still only training to become a mcsa so I am sure you have checked this
already, but have you ruled out any session time limit setting on your server
I know Terminal services has settings for connection and session time limits
based on inactivity,, but as far as I know these settings are set per network
connection on the server I.E, per nic card connection. so if you only one nic
card installed on the server servicing inbound connections then the session
timings would effect all user who connect, not just four of them. If this
only effects only four users, are they new connections? have they left any
idle disconnection settings on there client machines... If I am insulting
your intelligence then I apologise.

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