video resolution?



I was comparing the video quality of various messengers and the transmitted
video of the Live Messenger seems to be 320x240.

The web page of the Live Messenger claims that it should support a
resolution of 640x480:
That's what the new Messenger will give you, only better: live, full-screen
(640x480) video.**
** You and your contact will need compatible Web cameras, microphones,
speakers or a headset, and high speed Internet access

I do have a high quality Logitech web cam and a 6Mbit/s down 1MBit/s
upstream internet connection. What are the requirements for 640x480 video? Or
is that just a bogus claim?

Jonathan Kay [MVP]


This is a marketing sort-of-truth. What you do get is 320x240 stretched to 640x480 in Full
Screen mode.

If you want something larger, I'd suggest you use Skype instead.

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