Controlling the resolution of a Logitech webcam in Messenger?

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Erlend Stromsvik


As I posted in a post earlier (it's at the bottom of this mail) I'm having
trouble with MSN and my Logitech QuickCam Messenger.
The trouble is that I can't choose resolution for my Webcam in MSN
Messenger, with the result being that MSN tries to push too much data over
my internet connection (45kbytes/s)

Sending a mail to Logitech didn't help, since they said things work ok 'in
their programs' so this was clearly a MSN Messenger problem...
Since a lot of other people here use Logitech WebCams, how do you get past
the problem?
Or do you all have 512kbit/s (upstream) connections or faster?

Erlend Stromsvik


I just got a Logitech Quickcam Messenger. It supports video at 640x480,
320x200 and 160x100.
In Logitech ImageStudio (a program which comes with the webcam) I can choose
between the different resolutions, but..... In MSN Messenger I can't.
The result being that when using the webcam over internet and not just on
intranet network, the videostream gets extremely choppy.

I've installed Netlimiter to measure the bandwith used by MSN Messenger with
the current setup and it's around 45kbytes/s, which is just WAY too much.
Obviously MSN streams the data at a pretty high resolution. I would really
like to be able to turn the resolution down to 160x100 so to dramatically
decrease the bandwidth usage. 45kbytes/s is just whack and 'over the top'.
Anyone else with a Logitech Quickcam who knows if there are anything I could

Any tips/help appreciated.

Just for reference, you would need a broadband connection with 512kbit/s
just to support this kind of bandwith usage (do to overhead on the upstream

Erlend Stromsvik

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